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  1. new spantiks 45 ,orange bd fusions

    newspantiks.orange bd fusions used twice. tools will come with a lowe alpine pro tool bag II. I"ll take 375 for the spantiks shipped. 200 for tools+bag shipped. Let me know. I have a picture of tools on phone. No picture of spantiks,you can imagine they are brand new, never used, never molder. thanks
  2. lasportiva Spantiks 45's

    brand new spantik boots with tags. 425+shipping. My guess would be around 25 for shipping cost. Thanks
  3. Look at what I have done!

    I like you guys. Keepin it true. Thanks for the warm welcoming. I feel loved. Keep it up.
  4. Rianier May-June

    I know Adam. Look Water posted. Damn I even recognize that sign. Thanks Water. I most certainly plan on moving out this shit hole sooner or later. Thanks pete, will do. Rainier. Hows that?
  5. Is anyone interested in going to this ice festival? Looking for a climbing partner. Send me a message for more information. Or visit this link for information on the festival. Thanks http://www.northofsuperiorclimbing.com/climb.php?p_id=20
  6. Rianier May-June

    Toledo ohio. ann arbor climbing gym, red river gorge everyother weekend, run, bike, gym-urban active. What route you have in mind medic?
  7. Rianier May-June

    whats happenin adam yeah its jj. Ill be out in may-june. Let me know what the best time for you is. Thanks adam
  8. Look at what I have done!

    Bahhh hah hah. Honestly I have not done anything exceptionally crazy. --august 2010 semi recent -Curtis ridge attempt 10300. -Solo rainier sherman route summit few hours after curtis attempt. -Ice climb orient bay canada. -other shit too. just semi recent stuff I dont live outwest. SO I could never be up to par with you guys. Right? Im just asking if someone wants to climb. Thats all. Ok now what kind of bashing have I set myself up for? haha ----thanks---
  9. Climbing resume

  10. Climbing resume

    Where do I post my climbing resume? Thanks
  11. Rianier May-June

    Im gonna post resume. I originally joined to purchase some gear. Just have not got around to it.
  12. Rianier May-June

  13. Rianier May-June

    Curtis, Ptarmigan, Kautz, Lib Ridge. Im a lowlander from ohio. Go ahead chuckle chuckle. Looking for someone that would be awesome enough to pick me up from sea airport and drop me back off at airport after climb and drinks. Ill toss you some money for gas and buy you drinks and whatnot. 26 in good enough shape to keep up with some of you highlanders. Im serious as hell Id like to get a taste of some earlier climbing such as mid may. Whatever is cool. Thanks