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  1. there are a lot of easily accessible options these days for training plans, if that's what you're looking for. powercompanyclimbing.com, latticetraining.com, trainingbeta.com, and more. If you only have access to a hangboard, there are many protocols to use. I prefer the simplicity of Steve Bechtel's stuff (climbstrong.com) and his Hangboard Manual is pretty accessible imo, but there's also the Anderson's Rock Climbing Training Manual and Horst's Training For Climbing. A science-y explanation of when to use what sort of protocol can be found in Eva Lopez's site (http://en-eva-lopez.blogspot.com/). as for hangboards, that outdoorsly list is good. wood is nicer on your fingers if you're going to use it a lot. If you're looking for more overall fitness, not just finger/forearms for technical rock climbing, then check out some of the plans at https://mtntactical.com/.
  2. I could have written this post. I *should* have written this post years ago. I'm 45 too, and I have a little more time than I used to, as my kids are older, but yeah, I really appreciate climbing with other parents (no offense to my other non-parent partners that read this - I swear I love y'all!). Hit me up if you're looking for a partner sometime. cheers.
  3. I gave up on balance years ago. It's all about compromise and sacrifice for me. sacrifice mostly. as in, what's getting sacrificed this week? maybe I pass through an equilibrium point every once and a while. like Ivan said, looks like you got a good thing. keep it up, and best of luck to you!
  4. just because it's interesting, here's another one. it has a little more detail. https://jasoncurtisphotography.com/store/cascades-seattle-panorama
  5. I don't care what they play, as long as there's an open bar.
  6. I found these useful. I do them as preventative exercises now, except I use a arm-aid instead of a roller bar.
  7. I have one and have used it twice, early spring conditions (ie, lots of snow on the ground, temps below freezing), but there was no active precip. As you would expect, condensation can be an issue, as it has minimal ventilation. I wish I had the vestibule. Having also spent time in a BD FirstLight, I'd say that it's almost the same thing. except red.
  8. Interesting. I had speculated the opposite, since the high snow accumulation was higher than the glacier, and it was a really warm spring. As it's been a little more wet lately, I figured that would help it slide off. (but what I lack in experience I make up for in wild speculation and theory, so there's that).
  9. Don't know your history. asking for medical advice on the web, you get what you pay for. ymmv. etc etc. some things you want to learn about knee pain: 1) often, knee pain comes from pelvis misalignment. I've been told that IT band issues can also arise as a result of pelvis misalgnment (I don't have IT band problems so can't comment on the veracity of that) 2) there is a proper knee alignment that lots of people don't use, and if you're lifting weights you'll screw your knee up really quickly if you're not doing it correctly. 1) + 2) means that posture and alignment are everything! 3) there are some stabilizer muscles that keep your knee in alignment. I highly suggest you see someone professional (or multiple professionals) about your pain, and to discuss your posture and positioning. they might be able to point you at some exercises to keep you aligned so you don't injure yourself more. M
  10. I'm looking for some skis, 160-166cm or thereabouts. used, beaters, whatever. Thanks!
  11. I'm looking for a partner for ice climbing over MLK weekend. My partner had to bail. We had planned to go to Hyalite, with the intent of getting as much mileage as possible, ie I'm relatively inexperienced but competent and safe. Open to going almost anywhere (Lillooet, etc). I can drive (or fly depending on distance/cost), I have the gear and the time, looking for a partner (or 2 or 10). Anybody interested? Happy to belay lots.
  12. never trust someone who hangs in a harness enough that he uses some silly way to tie in to make it more comfortable. if you're hanging so much that you need a better sitting position, get a belay seat or something. otherwise, climb more and hang less.
  13. Trip: Snow Creek Wall - Outer Space -- LOOSE FLAKE on traverse pitch! Date: 9/22/2015 Trip Report: I'm posting this as a warning, and in case someone more experienced than me might be able to check it out and determine if action needs to be taken. This was my first time up Outer Space. Leading, I noted that one flake/block near the end of the traverse pitch, right before you move up to the belay, was flexing a little. It had plenty of chalk on it, so clearly it's being used. I skipped it and moved along. My partner, who has climbed the route numerous times, also noted that it was loose, and said that it has never moved on him before. It seems to me to be a potential safety issue, especially since there are so many inexperienced climbers on the route. I'm not equipped to assess the safety of it, nor do anything to fix/remove it - hopefully someone else can determine if it's really a problem. Be safe out there!
  14. Is anybody from Seattle going to the Methow Valley sometime in the next week? My car is stranded in Mazama - I had to leave it last week b/c of the road closures. I'm looking for a ride. I'll help pay for gas. Thanks, Matt
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