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  1. Any fans of paddling here?

    Hello everyone, that would be great if you shared your thoughts about what to start with and what kayak, PFD to choose. Also a proper trailer, I guess. I bet that's not a cheap hobby. I watched a couple of videos on youtube but also would like to hear some personal experience
  2. Bouldering is over

    Guess will buy the book... Found these, btw outdoorsly.org/best-hangboard/ Anyone has a hangboard? Which of these is better? Wanted to buy one, but not sure. I'll probably buy the book and a hangboard at once
  3. Bouldering is over

    Guys, I am new to this forum but still. I did not find any information on any training or exercises to maintain muscles. I am moving to the UAE for business, and have no idea what to do with that. How to keep your body ready for new routes? What's your advice? Anybody?