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  1. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    Anyone know how current conditions are in Leavenworth?
  2. Silverton access issues?

    i was up there a couple years ago, there are no tresspassing signs, and i wasnt able to get permission. i ended up going under the bridge and hiking up the river a bit and through the woods, linked up with the trail.
  3. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    Just throwing this out there, I dont see another thread with conditions. But temps are trending down does anybody have beta?
  4. 2014/2015 Washington State Ice Conditions

    Spent a few days skiing and messing around with my kids in Winthrop. I didn't climb for lack of a partner, but the word was Mazama ice was in and fat, the standard, mr coffe, percolator, etc. I stopped by rainbow falls on the way home today in Leavenworth and it's not formed very much at all, maybe only 30% in. Surprisingly, drury looked pretty good from the highway, hard to say from so far away, but it looked in. Peace and happy new year
  5. 2014/2015 Washington State Ice Conditions

    Looking for ice. Got tomorrow free. Probably slim chance after this warm up. Anyone know of solid ice somewhere? Banks? It hasn't been as warm over there.
  6. 2014/2015 Washington State Ice Conditions

    Made it up to silverton yesterday. Didn't have a partner so I bouldered around and climbed maybe half the first pitch. Tons of lines up there but it's not really quite in. Lots of hollow ice and water flowing behind. Probably could get screws in the whole way, but marginal.
  7. What ice is in around leavenworth?????

    Has anything formed up during this cold snap? Its forecast to warm up soon, this could be our the last cold snap of the season. What does drury look like?
  8. Mazama Ice

    Got on the standard in Mazama 12/27 and again on 12/29. It was fat and two full pitches of fun climbing, a solid grade 4 on the top pitch. Also mr. coffee and the percolator were both in and fat. The Bear was not in. These climbs should be around for a while with the current weather forecast...