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  1. Howdy, Wanted to get people's thoughts on the upcoming snow dump and avy danger. Was aiming to go up South Side Adams Sunday but unsure with potentially 6" new snow.
  2. selling my alpinist camera case, just like these: http://www.betashell.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=35 It fits smaller cameras. I'll take any offer of $ of apple cider. otherwise it'll go to goodwill soon.
  3. the msr and gigapower fuels are probably 1/2 to 2/3 full. the shoes have been worn a few times and have dirt on the bottom. free for all.
  4. I've had this sucker for like 6 years and used it once. Has bottle and windscreens. 80/obo
  5. Trip: Mt. Rainier - Bike Tour Mountaineering -> DC Route Date: 7/18/2014 Trip Report: Terry Campbell and I rode our bikes from Portland to Rainier, climbed the DC route and rode home over the course of 6 days. This was our second climb of this type, we did Mt. Jefferson two years ago in similar pain and style. Trip We took 3 days to ride up to Paradise; our first day going over Old Mans Pass (hitting 45+mph on the way down), and staying at Swift Reservoir near Mt. St. Helens. The ride along the Old Highway in the Gorge is quite nice now. Our second day climbed another bigass hill with a long (20mile) descent that would be good training for mountain biking season with its broken tarmac. We found a sweet camping spot on the river past Packwood and passed the time talking about Goran Kropp and how he carried like 140lbs of stuff on his back. My inner dialogue decided to stop complaining about our 50ish pounds of gear and food. Our third day was pretty much just hills up to Paradise. Terry cruised easily up the hills because he's not human. I stopped a lot to 'take photos' en route. I cursed my weak body and the fact I had a motorcycle at home that could easily make it up this hill. We stayed at Paradise Inn in those sweet airy rooms - I joke, it was stuffy as hell. However we did destroy dinner and dessert downstairs. On day four we got up early to eat our weight in bacon and eggs at breakfast before heading up to Camp Muir. Once there, Terry melted water while I watched. I eventually chipped in and set up the tent and a nice set of snow stairs. After not sleeping in the tent for 5 hours we decided to head up early instead of wait until midnight. By 9:30 we were in the boot pack heading up to Ingram Flats. Besides me being a wimp at the ladder crossing, things went smoothly until 13,000 when a scary animal with large shiny green eyes hurtled down the bootpack. This caused Terry to think I had AMS as I stepped out of the bootpack saying "I think I'll let this have the right of way". (I might've thought it was a monster, it turned out to be a black fox) We hit the summit crater near 4am and trudged over to the last summit hill, where we debated if that spot counted as a 'summit', or if we should go up to the true summit. After resting and eating a bit we decided to go to the top and scream into the wind. Two minutes later, pausing to sign the register, we were on the way back to Muir. I had seen awesome photos of sunrises on Mt. Rainier before, but seeing them in person was something all together different. The light was perfect and the small amount of haze in the valleys really made the views spectacular. We took our time going down to base camp in order to enjoy the views and let people use the bootpack going up. The crevasses were more exciting when you could see their full extent. Once at camp we jammed everything into the packs and hustled down to our bikes at Paradise. We re-packed our bike bags after eating some real food and headed down the hill to the West. We resolved to not trace our incoming route as the hills would have been less than fun now. We made a slight tactical error when we bypassed the only open hotels on the way out, only to end up in Morton with no available hotel or camping in the area. After Terry and I ate our fill at the very excellent mexican restaurant, my lady was nice enough to drive all the way up and ferry us to a hotel in Randle for the night (thank you Rachel). After 3 breakfasts in Randle, we were dropped back off in Morton so we could ride the 130 miles back home. The ride home was a blur of gas station stops for treats and chocolate milk, interrupted by a bout of scary bridge riding from Longview. We ended the ride with a great ride at the golden hour across the St. Johns Bridge and an easy cruise to home. Thanks to Terry for an awesome trip. Pics Le start Columbia River Gorge New bike trail in Gorge Cleaning up in the Swift Reservoir near Mt. St. Helens Repacking for the climb Start of day four To Muir Camp Muir Sunset at Camp Muir My nemesis Summit Summit crater On way down Sunrise Terry waiting for me I assume Little Tahoma Packing up for bikes St. Johns Bridge Last block Gear Notes: Axe, crampons and sunscreen Approach Notes: 180 Miles on bike via Columbia Gorge and Wind River Highway.
  6. also try abebooks.com: http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?an=jeff&sts=t&tn=oregon+high
  7. As of yesterday it was really good, the snow was great for cramponing and even seemed less steep than other years, who knows after a week of warm weather though. I would imagine there'll be a pretty deep bootpack for the old chute now, there were like 60 people on sunday
  8. Sunday morning 95% of people were going up old chute, the snow was in great shape and was pretty mellow.
  9. I was down there last week and they had the road cleared almost to the gate by Bachelor. If the gate is still closed you could bring a bike and ride the road to the trailheads.
  10. I think it's actually over 95 liters being a large, either way it'll carry everything you need and don't need. It's been used 4 times in the last 5 years and I'd rather someone gets use out of it than sit in my garage waiting for expeditions. New they're like 450, I'd take anything reasonable. -sam
  11. Selling First Ascent Mountain Guide Pants (XXL). In perfect condition. they go for $199, i'd take anything if they got used, they're just sitting in my closet. and a Large Patagonia R3 fleece like this one. In great condition as well. any good offer, new they are 170 r3 jacket
  12. this one: http://www.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=102 the pt2, orange
  13. Selling my spot tracker, e.g: Amazon SPOT page They're new for ~$100. I'll take any reasonable offer. A few cases of Virgil's Zero Root Beer and those cookies with salt on top from New Seasons would be OK in lieu of monies.
  14. I'm going up Friday morning and will have a look see. was it over to the climbers left/west side of the glissade hydro-tubes?
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