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  1. Mt. Stuart north approach questions

  2. Mt. Stuart Conditions Beta

  3. Mt. Stuart Conditions Beta

  4. Mt. Stuart Conditions Beta

    Folks, can anyone provide any information on current conditions for the descents for Mt. Stuart (cascadian & sherpa glaciers)? Thanks, SD
  5. Hey Fellas! I'm looking for a partner to do the full North Ridge of Stuart on Labor day weekend. I'd be driving from Idaho on Friday the 1st. We could do it in a single long day or bivy and split it into two days. Have experience mountaneering, leading sport to .12, trad to 10+. and also have all the needed gear. Spent some time in the enchantments earlier this year doing argonaut and colchuck peak, want to go back and do Stuart. I'd be open to doing other things in the area afterwards as well. If interested let me know. 208six9sixeleven53.
  6. Mt. Stuart north approach questions

    We attempted stuart a few weeks ago from the mountaneers creek approach. We started by heading off on the trail to Stuart lake and then going off that trail on a much smaller less traveled trail heading south noth long after the turn off to colchuck lake. But it took us quite a while to cross mountaineers creek this way and we were in fairly thick bushes and marsh. We ended up crossing to the south side of the creek on some fallen logs since that side looked much better than the stuff we were walking on the north side of the creek but I think that we crossed too early (before it forks). We eventually crossed the creek again to the north side past the fork (about a quarter mile up stream and we found the trail on that side that took us right to the base of stuart, we were glad for it too since it took us way too much time! On the way back from Stuart we stayed on that trail on the north side of the creek but found that we eventually had to cross the creek where it forks again but we lost the trail and after we crossed we found ourselves on marsh and a lot of overgrowth again before we hit the trail that takes you stuart lake. When we hit the trail we found that we were way closer to Stuart lake then where we had initially gone off trail the day before on the approach. Would someone mind sharing some beta on exactly where you go off trail from the Stuart Lake trail to head over to mountaineers creek and cross it? is it just bushwacking or is there a better way? Thanks!