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  1. TR: The Fenix

    Dude, that whole feature fell off a few years ago. The topo is out of date. I think the route as it is today is a more aesthetic line. Interesting, I'll have to boost my self esteem by going to REI and notifying the rangers there. Thanks for the beta!
  2. TR: The Fenix

    What would you rate that traverse in front of the Kingdome?
  3. cinco de me-o-myo

    Congratulacion amigo!
  4. Bikini Bottoms Espresso?

  5. Bikini Bottoms Espresso?

    Ummmmm....if you need to ask that question then you gots problems. It was in response to Muffy...
  6. Bikini Bottoms Espresso?

    It's right here but I don't think they're open on weekends. Their list of theme days (School Girl, Cowgirl, Lingerie, Bikini, and I forgot Friday) didn't include weekends anyway. Ogling aside, it was probably the worst coffee I've spent $4 on.
  7. Bikini Bottoms Espresso?

    Yeah, just like that! This was the first time I've encountered anything like it; being raised in Idaho for the last 18 years doesn't help either. It would be REALLY cool if they could make a good coffee, too. Just curious, what would you do if you pulled up to a coffee stand and saw a couple girls like that? There's no incentive for you... or is there???
  8. Bikini Bottoms Espresso?

    It was on her camera phone but they have a big sign that says, "NO CAMERAS OR PICTURES" so unless you go stealth with the cam, expect the fuzz to be after you in the next couple minutes... Only in America will you find girls in Victoria's Secret undies serving you crappy coffee...
  9. Bikini Bottoms Espresso?

    I went there to grab a coffee when I was getting the oil changed at Jiffy Lube yesterday. I was surprised when I walked up to the window only to find two young girls in their undies dancing around singing along to the radio. Was this a dream? Where the hell am I?!?! Wednesday just happened to be "Lingerie Day" and they have a theme for all the weekdays, from "Cowgirl Day" to the classic "Bikini Day." They can't make a coffee but I imagine they make a LOT of money wearing almost nothing everyday. They were fun and asked me to take a picture for them (YES, MA'AM!!!) but come on! Don't get me wrong though, I'm 20 and was more than happy to have a couple good looking girls my age flirting with me in their underwear while they made my coffee, I was just surprised this is even legal. But then again, it is Spanaway... It's on Pacific Ave in Spanaway, almost to Military Dr if you wanna check it (them) out. It's a good place if you like crappy coffee but it's called "Bikini Bottoms" for a reason. Here's the link to a TNT article: http://dwb.thenewstribune.com/news/columnists/merryman/story/6357152p-5673076c.html
  10. Want a job?

    From Dictionary.com: "bur·geon also bour·geon (bûr'jən) intr.v. bur·geoned also bour·geoned, bur·geon·ing also bour·geon·ing, bur·geons also bour·geons 1. a. To put forth new buds, leaves, or greenery; sprout. b. To begin to grow or blossom. 2. To grow or develop rapidly." Thanks for the insight! :tup:
  11. Want a job?

    Coeur d'Alene has a burgeoning Mormon presence for sure. Head out to Hayden Lake via Honeysuckle Ave and you can see their compound...
  12. boo hoo for these losers...

    I have to agree: "My main concern is the victims, the children that are the innocent ones that these predators attack and ruin their lives," Diaz said. "No one really told them to do this crime."
  13. Idaho

    Wow, I posted on another thread before finding this one. I've always been astounded by the varied fan base this guy has, from nerdy teens to aging grandmothers. I'm curious as to how many cc'ers are readers...
  14. When PC goes too far

    Another Maddox reader, THANK GOD! Did you meet him on his book signing tour?
  15. Bouldering Accident at Stone Gardens

    It *is* a friday night...