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  1. Since the weather looks great this weekend, I want to drive from Bremerton Friday night and stage myself for a ski up Sourdough Mountain across from the Ross dam on Saturday 2/4. Plan is to camp as high as possible, may be on the summit. Possibly see the Northern Lights! I then want to get up early on Sunday, ski down, and work my way back to B-town for an obligation with friends (who don't ski) to watch soccer, or wait is if football, or is it Tiger, ahh who cares. My main mission is to climb Sourdough on skies. If anyone is interested in a quick overnight trip to the North Cascades reply to his message!
  2. PhilU We hiked up the Hoh to the guard station, then we forded the Hoh, and basically followed elk paths up the west side of Falls Creek, we eventually crossed the creek where it was dry and sunken beneath the boulders, and we stayed on the West side of Ridge of the Gods to White Rock Lakes. It was a little tricky getting down from the lakes to the White Glacier, but goat and elk paths showed the way. From there it was an east ascent of Mt Tom. Hope this helps, if you have more questions send them to me and I can check this web site more often in the near future! Animal!
  3. You guys rock! Awesome trip, wish I could have noined you. Question - How many choice Olympic holds did you decide to "toss" and chose another. Awesome!
  4. T-shirts for gear, sweet! Great Trip John and Jon!
  5. Terry, Great photos, we missed you in the Bob!
  6. On Saturday it was quite nice sickie Then on Sunday, the summit day it was very windy . When we got back down the tasted soo good! Awesome trip John! Nice report!
  7. I don't think so because the immediate summit area was snow free, there was a large cornice to the North East, but doubt the register was there. Earlier in the month I believe there was a group of 10 or so on the peak. I believe Fay "The Queen of the Cascades I understand" was with that group. Maybe since there group was so large they filled up the register and are in the process of bringing a new one. It was a nice climb with a wonderful view of Luna framed by the huge summit cornices.
  8. We looked for the register and none was to be found!
  9. Trip: Mt Davis - South route Date: 5/27/2009 Trip Report: Jim, John and myself decided to climb Mt Davis 7051 feet last Saturday. We scrambled through the forest working our way around a few cliff bands then when we got near the main South ridge we decided to skirt the ridge on the East side and try the Ease ridge. Well this turned out to be an impass doe to a huge cliff on the East side of the mountain, so we headed back down and went up the standard South ridge. This minor detour was great because it allowed us to have an elevation gain of 7,400 feet for the 13 hour round trip day. Anyhow the views were great, and I have attached some photos! Gear Notes: Two 30m double ropes, three pickets, some nuts (did not use), lots of energy! Approach Notes: The bushes were not bad at all on this route.
  10. Wow, two real Olympic climbers, men who forge through devils club to reach loose Olympic basalt. Here is something written by John Myers that was published in the Northwest Mountaineering Journal: "With the Olympic Mountains in our Bremerton backyard it is understandable that we would spend our time climbing and exploring in them. Climbers from other parts of the Northwest may understand the attraction of close proximity, but question the quality of technical climbing to be found here. For us, trips into the Olympics have nearly always entailed disproportionate time fighting underbrush and route-finding to reach marginal quality climbing terrain, reason, perhaps, that Olympic climbers remain a small, dedicated group. The Cascades do not lack in bushwhacks. Indeed, tales abound of epic forays through thick jungle as the price of admission to some choice granite wall. So why do the brush-apes of the Olympic Peninsula throw themselves into the tangle of primordial vegetation for the opportunity to ascend crumbling basalt?" So did Randy and Terry "decide once again to put this question the test" with a simple death march up Tran spire.
  11. Yes! The person who summited precious to us stated in the redister that they were going to ski the north face. So we took a look at it. Clumbing the north face of this peak definately looks fun, and not too hard either!
  12. Usually the bad weather trips such don't get posted. any how thanks for the nice comment!
  13. Trip: Mt Maude - South Shoulder Date: 6/28/2008 Trip Report: This weekend George, Karen, Doug, and my self Kevin climbed Mt Maude. I have been wanting to climb this mountain even since my failed attempt of November 10, 2003. Well this time we were greeted to wonderful hot weather and not a foot of fresh snow that came down last time. Any how the route was very easy, class 2. It appeared from the register that we were the second party to the mountaain this year. The first party did a decent ski of the North face (bas ass ski route). Anyhow since the weather was so awesome we spent the night on top. The sunset and sunrise were wonderful, and I liked the tundra flowers. Well here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! Working our way up Leory Creek Basin The South Shoulder South Side of Mt Ferno Gear Notes: Ice Ax Crampons (did not use, the snow was soft from the heat) Approach Notes: Leory Creek Basin
  14. Awesome! I hope the trail was clear of bush and alder. Two years ago WTA was working on the trails in the area! Great TR.
  15. Yep - Those are the slabs you go up!
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