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  1. Adams Approach Beta

    Thanks. Yeah I know, the weather looks pretty rough.. Not looking forward to 15 degrees. I'm just getting used to 90 degrees the last couple days in Boise..
  2. Adams Approach Beta

    Hoping to climb Adams Tuesday night (6/5).. I haven't climbed it yet. Just planning on doing the South Spur. I have a couple questions: Are snowshoes advisable for the road slog? Ski's are not an option for my group. It seems most people are camping at the Lunch Counter. Is it realistic to do the climb in one day car to car with the extra 4(ish) miles added on? Thanks
  3. Looking for a pair of mountaineering boots for a friend just getting into climbing. I'd like to find some double boots, but am open to hear about anything. Looking for US size 8.5-9.5 or EU size 42-43. He also needs to be outfitted with the whole shebang: axe, crampons, all that. So if you're also looking to sell more, let me know. Thanks!
  4. WTB Mountaineering/Climbing Helmet

    I might be interested in your Metolius helmet if the OP is not.. BTW, I know they do one size on that, but will it fit larger heads?? My buddy would wear a L-XL size hat typically..
  5. FS: Boots and Ax

    what US size shoe do you normally wear?
  6. emailed you regarding the overboots/crampons.
  7. Weather for this weekend at mt Hood

    Yep, that was insane. Good forecast, bad bad weather. Literally Knock-you-on-your-ass wind. Lost my mitt up there, blew right off my hand. If anyone finds an REI Switchback mitt somewhere PM me!
  8. Pearly Gates vs. Old Chute on Mount Hood southside

    By the way, if anyone finds a single REI Switchback mitt, PM me!! It literally blew off of my hand in a ridiculous gust of wind. Took off like a Happy Gilmore tee shot..
  9. Pearly Gates vs. Old Chute on Mount Hood southside

    Wow, congrats. So did you go up Saturday morning, in other words Friday night/ Saturday morning? Winds were completely outrageous Saturday night/ Sunday morning. Had to turn back at the Hogsback.
  10. Sleep in the car at Timberline?

    I never sleep well when I know I'm climbing in a few hours. A snow plow a few feet from the car doesn't help. Thanks guys for the info!
  11. Silly question for you Hood veterans, but I've never been up to Hood before. Northern Cascade climber myself. I remember reading here that people usually sleep in the car at the Timberline Lodge parking lot before summiting.. Did a search here and couldn't find anything. Still the case? Thanks.
  12. Hey there.. Congrats on the summit campout. We talked to you guys at the top of Cathedral Gap Tuesday morning. We were the group of 4 heading up. I was wondering how you did in the altitude up there.. We all had some decent headaches coming down from the summit. But with a 14,000+ ft gain in that short of a time, I'd say you did pretty good. I can't believe you brought a 40 degree bag! I would have died up there for sure. I was chilly in my 0 degree bag at the Flats. So why did you start so late on Sunday night? time constraints?
  13. Hood Canal Bridge Work

    Can you still walk out and fish from the HC bridge?
  14. yet more stuff for sale

    and probably the golite jacket
  15. yet more stuff for sale

    I'll take the r2 vest