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  1. Pullups on ice tools. No bueno?

    This makes it more clear: Will gadd
  2. Anybody ever used these techniques?

    Anyone figure out how colin's self belay rig works (the one he used soloing exocet)? See photo in his blog: self belay
  3. Anybody ever used these techniques?

    Wow, those Slovaks are wild. That thing in "Slika 4" looks like a fire extinguisher. Looks complicated; not sure why you couln't use a v-thread instead of the first set-up. No, I have never used anything like this.
  4. Alaska 2010

    beat Dane to it: Alpine Exposures
  5. I dislocated my shoulder in September playing rugby and again 10 days later trying to climb on it. Been seeing a physio and rehabbing it pretty hard in the hopes of tightening it up and preventing it from coming out a third time. I've never had it dislocate before but I'm told that if it comes out a third time it's surgery time. Most of the exercises my physio has me doing are to strengthen/tighten my delt, bicep and tricep (as well as all the rotator cuff ones). Anyone have any specific exercises they would recommend that helped them get their dislocated shoulder back in shape for climbing? How long were you off? thanks
  6. Nomics

    People were talking about the fusions in Chamonix; I too am curious about how they compare to the nomics.
  7. Trip: Another Cham TR - Date: 10/10/2009 Trip Report: Got lots of advice from people on this board on where to spend three weeks in france in september/october. Dislocated my shoulder two days before leaving and a second time a week later cragging in chamonix so didn't really take anyone's advice. Ended up going up mont blanc but that's about it. The route from the top of the aiguille du midi. Took the cable car up at the end of the day and spent the night at the refuge to aclimatize (had one of the best meals in france at the refuge - served by nubile french women) french climbing fashion lots of these guys at the top. south face of the aiguille was pretty active while i was up there cosmique arret mont blanc due tacul - the face acts up in the afternoon even in october. most people head out from the refuge between 1 and 3 am. Not crazy crowded at that time of the year but you can see the goat trail the whole way up. face of Mont Maudit Duncan at the top of the Maudit ridge. He had just completed a 16 month motorcycle trip from Sydney, Aus to London, UK. He got altitude sickness and puked off and on for the first 5 hours. the summit ahead the top, 4,900 meters french climbers she's climbed more mountains than you ever will. Gear Notes: The french guides tell you to only bring one tool but they show up with two. If you're going to do it by yourself bring two. Approach Notes: 50 euros to the top of the tram (3,800 m). Another 50 to spend the night in the nicest refuge you'll ever stay in.
  8. France in September/October

    sounds sweet - you figure it's easy to find partners there?
  9. Heading to France at the end of September for three weeks to climb and see the place. Traveling by myself and wondered if anyone had any suggestions of where to go. Not there for long so figued I'd hit one, two or maybe three places where it's easy to find (attractive french speaking) partners. Cham, Ceuse, Verdon, Font? Is the weather any good in Cham in October? Is it filled with brits? Didn't really think i'd bring crampons or axes, is that a mistake?
  10. Ice Tool Recommendation

    Last winter some people were speculating that petzl may be coming out with a hammer/adze version of the nomic. Anyone heard anything more about that?
  11. squamish - anything in?

    Thanks. Was hoping there might be something to snag after work before the warm weather rolls in. I guess not. I figure scottish tale would amount to a long walk in the rain this weekend.
  12. squamish - anything in?

    Anyone been through the bluffs in the last day or so? see any ice?
  13. Ice Near Whistler ???

    my friend, some of the best ice/mix climbing is around this time of the year, you just have to know where I don't suppose you'd like to elaborate on that would you?
  14. Colfax conditions (???)

    here is what it looked like on sunday. lots of ice on the easy route and the lower half of the polish one but lots of falling ice/rocks and flowing water.