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  1. Womens Scarpa Vapor V's, size 40.5, basically new $100BD Fifi hook $10Wild Country Rockcentrics, full set $50Scarpa Denali XT touring ski boots, mondo size 28.5 $50Scarpa Spirit 3 touring ski boots, mondo size 26 $150Can of unused bear spray with holster from a recent trip to the Canadian Rockies $40Rock Prodigy Training Center hangboard $80 Biolite Stove Kit w/ grill, brand new/ unused $100BD Alias Avalung ski backpack, nearly new $100 Available for pickup in Shoreline or downtown Seattle (for smaller items), or at Vertical World Seattle. Cheers, James
  2. Thanks for the report! How are the snow conditions up there? Are crampons necessary, or is it soft enough to manage with approach shoes?
  3. Index midweek

    Thinking about heading out to Index on Monday 6/3 and staying until Thursday or so. I'm fine on 10s at Index and occasionally 11s if I'm feeling frisky. Anyone want to meet up? -James
  4. More important

    Bkb, that was completely uncalled for. It isn't fair for you to compare all the sullen 15-year-olds out there to these assholes.
  5. Draws Taken from Little Si!

    All I see are a bunch of self-righteous moral police trying to enforce rules that don't actually exist. This is rock climbing. There are no strict rules. You're climbing at a sport crag, with bolts and huge streaks of chalk covering the rock. Unless you are climbing in an area with actual rules about these sorts of things, please don't take it upon yourself to force your ideals down others' throats.
  6. I'm hoping to maybe possibly get up there for the three day weekend, and my regular partners would rather drink beer and cook burgers. I'll be patriotic by taking advantage of our open border policy. Any takers?
  7. ^^ What he said, I will likely be interested if i can see some pics.
  8. [TR] Index - 6/5/2011

    Thank god we have such fine young men as yourselves representing the climbing community. And I thought my group was obnoxious with my buddy who wouldn't stop smoking weed and spraying about his 'sick 5.9' exploits... Just kidding, way to get after it. And I double stevetimetravlr's advice, beer for breakfast equals not getting the send.
  9. Gear for Sale:Cams, Screws, Harness, Rope, JetBoil

    I'll take the #1 c4 if it's still available. PM sent.
  10. I'm heading to school in Pullman in a couple weeks and don't know any climbers there, but want to climb as much as possible. I lead sport up to 5.12, boulder up to v6/7, and am a fairly solid 5.10 trad climber trying to work my way into 5.11's. But really I am willing to follow just about anything you can lead. . I have a full rack, a car that mostly runs, a pad, and one 60m and two half ropes. I am interested in afternoons at Granite Point or whatever other local area, full days at Spokane crags (or Vantage, or anywhere else within two or three hours), and weekends at City of Rocks or Smith or wherever other people are willing to drive to. I would really like to check out the limestone north of Spokane, and start bouldering more as I haven't done it much this season.
  11. Bouldering Vid Preview

    Nice figure 4
  12. Thanks guys. That's great about the book proceeds. The community seriously owes you one.
  13. I checked REI in Seattle and Tacoma, and did a google search, and the only place I could find it was from a private seller on Amazon for $65. Does anyone know of any local stores that have it in stock, or when REI will be getting it?
  14. Do you need a ride to Red Rocks?

    How many do you have so far? I imagine buying gas for that thing would be heinous unless you have a huge group.
  15. Index and/or X38 Conditions

    Anyone know how Index is right now? I know they got some snow up there over the weekend, but it's supposed to be dry and sunny until Friday and I'm contemplating skipping class.