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  1. Safety factor on Carabiners

    Thanks kurthicks. I'm that is quite helpful. I'm a safety consultant and sometimes have to evaluate the likelihood of climbing gear failing. Of course the cause of accidents is much much more likely to be human failures (unsafe acts) rather than equipment failures (unsafe conditions).
  2. Aircraft Wrecks Of The Pacific Northwest

    Olympic Peninsula: Tull canyon Trail scattered remains of B-17 that crashed in 1941 killing 6. It was discovered years later by hunters. It is not far from Tull City. If you don't already know about this and the location I can send more details.
  3. I'm impressed. Great pictures, great climbing, an adventure you will remember for a long time. Good job guys. Wish I were there.
  4. 04.07.12 Accident at Exit 38

    Hoping for the best for her. The only reason to want to know the cause is so that others might learn from it and possibly prevent a similar accident. I think we become accustom to the exposure and it is easy to get careless. Watch your partner and keep him/her alert.
  5. In the 4th edition of the Olympic Mountains Climbing Guide they talk about the "Elwah Wall." I believe you had to cross the dam on the Elwah at Lake Mills to get to it. Does anyone know if there is still access to the wall now that the dam is gone?
  6. Outdoor practice wall in Tacoma?

    I viewed the video, thanks for the link Mark Webster. Say hello to Daniel for me.
  7. Outdoor practice wall in Tacoma?

    thanks DPS, we are two old timers and one newbie who need to warm up and practice before we go to the great outdoors and climb.
  8. Really really nice pictures. What a fantastic place to be this time of year. Thanks.
  9. I thought I recalled there was an outdoor climbing practice wall in Tacoma. But when I looked for the location on-lone I'll be dammed if I could find anything. Is it still in existence?
  10. conditions at "Far Side" (Exit 38)

    Thanks. Loved your picture Matt, it should be published somewhere in a book!
  11. I'm anxious to get over to do something at Far Side. Has anyone been there lately?
  12. Laptop Advice

    Tried Craig's list? I saw a guy on TV yesterday who purchased a real nice Mac Laptop for $450 with lots of software.
  13. Mount Washington (Olympics)

    Great going there. I know of more than a few people who have tried Washington in winter and didn't make it for one reason for one reason or another. Congrats! and...nice pictures!
  14. [TR] Mt. Erie - Powerline wall 1/23/2011

    Wow. Thanks all for the coordinates and the nice google map. BTW I switched the lon-lat to deg and minutes: 48-27.2178' by 122-37.7556'
  15. I was just looking at my Petzl catalog and I notice the Owal oval carabiner is rated at 24 kN. Does that mean you might expect it to fail around there, or is there a safety factor so 24kN is like a working load and there is no problem using it at its limit? If there is a safety factor what is it? x2? x3? etc... Just curious.