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  1. What are you doing this weekend?

    Saturday: bike to work --> work --> bike home --> bbq w/ neighbors. Sunday: Mother's Day activities including trail run at Disco Park, picnic at Richmond Beach with wife, baby, and dog, and romantic comedy DVD (TBD). I'm optimistic that this plan, when viewed in light of gift that comes in a little blue box, will result in 8D For further details, please see the Asian Women Give the Best Blow Jobs thread.
  2. 100,000 dead- so STFU and count your blessings

    Seriously Clark? Anyone who tries to analogize the situation in Burma to Katrina (and the lame response thereto) is a fucking dipshit.
  3. Obama/Hillary Ticket?

    Please add an option for "shouldn't happen"
  4. 100,000 dead- so STFU and count your blessings

    [Hyperbole] I'm just suggesting an appropriate disregard for the junta's sovereignty. If they are unable to help their own citizens, and reject foreign aid and aid workers, they've clearly lost any moral authority they may have had, and unilateral aid from the international community is appropriate. I have no problem with backing up unilateral aid with military force, whether blue hats or US gunships. Or, we could just sit around with our thumbs up our asses and wait to deploy the military until the next non-problem (e.g. Iraq). [/hyperbole]
  5. 100,000 dead- so STFU and count your blessings

    International media scrutiny doesn't seem to be helping too much. U.N. Suspends Myanmar Aid After Supplies Seized by Junta Again, why do non-existant WMD's justify regime change, but this doesn't? Hey W - grow some fucking balls.
  6. More Global Warming Bullshit

    What a hatefull statement. Unbelievable. Your posts are either brilliant trolling or you're a couple sandwichs short of a picnic.
  7. 100,000 dead- so STFU and count your blessings

    Because Asia is much bigger than Iraq..... Iraq is a country on the continent of Asia, as is Myanmar, numbnuts.
  8. 100,000 dead- so STFU and count your blessings

    What a bunch of fucktards. We invaded Iraq without any one's permission, and on the flimsiest of excuses. Why don't we just unilaterally start sending in humanitarian aid with the backing of some military muscle? Why the sudden respect for sovereignty?
  9. Bladder Buddy

    Much to Hector's dismay, this strategy works equally well at the bus stop.
  10. I'm fucked

    you said 'watersports' heeheehee 8D
  11. Silicon Valley Fight Club

    when's the cc.com fight club? i want to see tvsahslvhsda and kakshdkskadsydksy go at it.
  12. RIP Albert Hoffman

    102 years old. Thanks for opening the door.
  13. Hot Tuna - electric

    Jorma is the deal.
  14. RIP Albert Hoffman

    The "alpine high" and "being high in the alpine" are both desirable experiences.
  15. For JayB

    A few corrections.
  16. Dirtbag resources - The List

    Deluxe hot springs throughout the valley satisfy your dirtbag hygine needs, if any.
  17. Coolest Moderate Climbs on Earth

    Soloed in the late 80s. I'll concede that if its been skied, it may be moderate. Until then . . .
  18. Coolest Moderate Climbs on Earth

    Slipstream? When did 900+M, Grade VI ice climbs with significant objective hazard become moderate?
  19. Favorite Streaming Radio Stations?

    Anything by Jay Farrar: Uncle Tupelo --> Son Volt --> Gob Iron. Uncle Tupelo is the quinessential alt-country band.
  20. Lawyer jokes, please?

    It was so cold this morning, the lawyers had their hands in their own pockets.
  21. Strange things seen in the city

    Rapture. You have been:
  22. Ladies take the quiz!

    The Flash - fast, athletic, flirtatious
  23. Putin's having an affair?

    Pissed? He's got nothing to be pissed about. In case you missed the picture in the first post, I think he is merely distracted by thoughts of: