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  1. Very sorry for the loss of your friend. I can't imagine the heart break of his friends and family, and those within TVF. I am told that firefighters stick together like brothers and sisters. Thank you for sharing a little bit of Nate with us.
  2. I posted flyers at work and the gym. Lots of excitement building!
  3. My co-worker trains at CF Portland... he had nightmares after Scott sentenced him to 10 minutes of AirDyne time.
  4. Thanks! Will do! Speaking of Aaron is going to do a longer version of the same slide show at the Mazamas Friday September 24th! I would highly recommend catching this one also if you're in town Thank you for the heads up about the 24th. I'll check it out if we're in town. By the way, congrats on your epic row time even though you missed a climbing opportunity. Win some, lose some.
  5. Between you and Shannon Kelley hoggin' all the winnings, not a lot of prize left over for the unlucky ones!
  6. Looking forward to the slideshow. Let me know if I can help with anything, John.
  7. Great TR John!! Your son is adorable - so happy! Us bottom dwellers at Albina Press had noticed the Frieh family was MIA.... figured as much Shannon is definitely a super-mom!
  8. Good the hear, Crimper. Face to face is a good way to have a meeting of the minds.
  9. So, in short, why were the bolts chopped? Surprised to read that Jim didn't give crimper the courtesy call - especially given their history as friends. Hmmm.
  10. Kenny @ the PRG is the guy you'd want to bug about this... good luck Jennifer: ~7 pm If you find yourself in town this weekend we'd love to see you... I know Nate has been working hard on a great slide show and we have mucho schwag to raffle in hopes of raising $$$ for Index and Hyalite. Frieh: I am hoping to make it in time for the slideshow. We will be in Eugene for the Cal/Duck game... Hope to see ya'll soon!
  11. What time does the slideshow begin?
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