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  1. eugene: anyone around tonight?

    Ahhhh, the smell of burning Yak dung captured in a pint of dark draft.
  2. eugene: anyone around tonight?

    At my "ripe" age of 27, it hasn't been that long since I've been to John Henry's. I'll admit, you make it sound better than it was a few years ago but I'm still not a big fan of transparent beer.
  3. Crampons for Tele boots?

    Cheers Assmonkey!
  4. anyone under 18?

    Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- it would be nice to find someone closer to my age (almost 16). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So this probably means you're not old enough to drive, right? You might want to reconsider that age thing... ----------------------------------------------------------- Unless you can walk to a crag But really, good luck!
  5. Polar s720 vs. Suunto X6

    If you get a Suunto at REI and it craps out, you can always return it. I did that with my Vector and ended up getting an Observer. I don't know about Polar s720i for measuring altitude but I have always had good luck with my Suunto watches.
  6. Mountain Toe/Foot?

    I came off the mountain June 3rd. My left big toe stopped feeling numb a couple of days ago but my right still feels funny. I just hope my right feels better after the nail falls off.
  7. eugene: anyone around tonight?

    If memory serves, Johyn Henry's is a bit of a dive. Cornicopia, however, is more to my liking. I lived just down the street from there for a year and made many a visit. Sorry I won't be able to join any time soon but should be through in a week and a half or so. I seem to remember mention of Wednesday evenings at the columns? I may have to drop in on one of those sessions. Something about seeing two hot blonds climb caught my attention. (That and Ron has all of my cams at the Crux) Cheers!
  8. eugene: anyone around tonight?

    Addie always talking about going for beer. Where do you go for good beer these days? High st.? 19th st.? The Wild Duck is closed so what's left?
  9. Best Guide Book Ever

    Any new Smith Rock Guide. New Guide to Indian Creek. A lot of color photos of the areas with clearly drawn topos (or numbered routes labeled on color photos). Well written route descriptions never hurt also.
  10. Photo Caption Contest

    I've heard of tongue in cheek but this is great!
  11. Little Switzerland conditions?

    Cheers! Everyone I have talked to said conditions are on the rise. Good luck with the trip.
  12. Death due to rockfall on Denali

    Crazy to think I rounded that same corner just over a month ago. Amazing how conditions change. Rob (the guide) is a really good and competent guide, bummer it had to happen to his group but it sounds like they did everything they could.
  13. 4season tent question!

    A better question would be single or double walled tents. All 4-season tents on the market today will hold up well and maintain the waterproofness for nearly the entire life of the tent. My favorites are any Mountain Hardwear or any Bibler. Cheers and good luck.
  14. Lightweight hardshell

    I have both Arc'teryx, Sirius and Theta. The Theta does take a beating a bit better but if weather is only questionable, I always throw in my Sirius. It packs smaller, weights less and has taken a fair amount of abuse. I just got the Patagonia Dragonfly and while it is really light weight, I don't think it will hold up long to the abuse I put on my equipment.
  15. Technical pack for longer trips

    I have used the BD Ice Pack for a few year and just upgraded to the Dana Sluskin 45. Not quite 4,000 cu.in. but I have also found if I take a larger pack I tend to pack more stuff. My new Dana has been awesome for Mountaineering, Rock & Ice climbing and backcountry skiing.
  16. 1/2" Webbing Raps

    If in doubt, double it up. If one piece makes you uneasy, use two. Never had a problem with using new slings.
  17. Desparately Seeking New Stove

    Sno-peak Giga. Iso-butane. Weights next to nothing and I have had no problems with it in through heavy use over the last 4 years. MSR stoves are all really good. I have used all of them and don't recommend the XGK II if you want to do anything other than boil. The up-side to the XGK is it will boil anywhere.
  18. Best advice

    Better to have people think you the fool then to open your mouth and prove them right. -I forget who said it but what is important is I remebered it.
  19. Best advice

    "The best climber is the one having the most fun." - Alex Lowe Not really advice but some words of wisdom.
  20. Best advice

    "Be sure to breath deep everyday, count your blessing, try to remedy your short-comings and wear a smile on your face." - My Father
  21. Frozen body from 1969 found on McKinley

    Yeah, Thanks for the post. Interesting to hear about after spending 6 days in a storm at 17,200' camp this Spring. Makes me wonder where everyone else is frozen up there.
  22. Found: Perfect Woman

    At that quantity how can it still be a turn-on? Hmmm, what other swallowing records does she hold...
  23. this weekend

    If the weather is nice up here in the Chugach, I'm heading out to try to link The Beak, Bird's Eye, The Wing, Tail Feather and Shaman Dome in a day. Small peaks by Cascade standards (highest 4,970') but the start is at Sea Level. I don't get back to the Cascades for another two weeks so I do what I can.
  24. What piece has saved your ass?

    Yellow TCU. First fall was about 30' and pulled a #2 stopper above it. Come to think of it, I think it is the only piece I keep falling on. I don't know if I should stop or keep placing it.
  25. Denali - Climbing Estimates

    Thanks! Didn't make it to the Fairview Inn but did make it to the West Rib. We didn't spend too much time there because we kept eating and drinking and eating and drinking. Even when we left we did so because if we didn't leave then, we would have been to drunk to do so later.