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  1. Chickamin glacier

    We just did the P-Traverse last week...I have not downloaded my pics yet, but I'll send you something. Througout the traverse, the glaciers were solid ice and quite broken
  2. late season adams glacier beta?

    We made an attempt at the end of July making it to within 800 feet of the summit...we could not find a way left or straight up through the last major section of ice fall and had to turn around and down climb the entire route. It's very possible we missed something huge but we looked and could not find a way...and that was more than one month ago...Just a heads up
  3. Bath Lakes High Route

    Has anyone ever tried to do the Bath Lakes high route to sulphur mountain trail as an exit to the Ptarmigan Traverse?
  4. [TR] Mount Stuart- North Ridge 7/24/2004

    Reading your TR, I was happy to hear the large fixed cam is still stuck...Me and my partner are debating on what size rack to bring. We were hoping to bring nothing bigger than a number 3 camalot since the fixed piece is there on the offwidth section...is this smart? also, what size rack did you bring--doubles for cams's?? extra nuts or hexes as a substitute for larger cams's? etc... Thanks.
  5. Osprey Packs?

    Cracked, Can you eleborate on your dislike of the Khamasin 62. Thanks
  6. Squamish classics?

    dberdinka and/or anyone else, Can you give me info on the approach to solarium, specificaly sunblessed? Thanks
  7. Technical pack for longer trips

    Thanks for the info...For those of you who have used cold cold world packs, how do they cary considering they don't have a true frame, just the foam back.
  8. Anyone have reccomendations on a pack in the 4000 cu in. range under 4 lb. I'm looking to do the Ptarmigan traverse and I need something that caries a moderate amount of weight well, but is still light and technical(i.e. tool and crampon storage) enough for climbing. Also, for those who have done the traverse, how big a pack did you take? Thanks!
  9. Bailey Range Traverse

    Tom...good info...We went down to cream lake and as you mention it was a horrible bushwack to a lake with no view and the a climb all the way back up to the crest. If I did it again I would go over to Stephen as you say. The full soleduck to soleduck version over Olympus is on my list for sure! Was there a weight issue carrying technical gear over the entire distance?
  10. Bailey Range Traverse

    I did the bailey range traverse 2 summer ago in late September. One of the most fantastic high country traverses around!! Did not see anyone for 7 full days. We did it in 7 days...It could be done in 5 but why rush? Once your on the crest of the range, you will never want to leave. There is lengthly 18 mile trail hike out the north fork Quinalt after decending the Elwah snow finger at the end of the traverse. We caried an ice ax and we were glad we had it. No need for crampons or other technical gear. I will say that navigation is key on this trip as it's not always obvious especially comming and leaving cream lake. I've been told that you can bypass cream lake by staying high..I would reccomend this if you can. The Elwah snow finger is tricky...be careful and take your time going down it. I would agree with GABIOT that a half day and maybe more should be devoted to getting down the finger safely and not missing the climbers path back to the elwah trail. Have fun and shoot me an email if you want more info or pics amir.i.erez@intel.com CHEERS!
  11. [TR] Forbidden Peak- West Ridge 6/20/2004

    Nice Job..we climbed the west ridge on Saturday in a single car to car push...what a great route!
  12. [TR] Forbidden Peak- West Ridge 6/16/2004

    Thanks for TR. Any pics? We are headed there this weekend. How bad was the downclimb of the ridge? Are there fixed anchors of some sort for the rapel of the chimney's west of the snow gully? Did you bring any snow protection for the gully (i.e. pickets?) Thanks in advance for any further info you can provide.
  13. What are the classic must-do routes at Squamish 5.10D and lower, long routes prefered. Thanks!
  14. North Face of NW ridge of Adams

    Any one have current conditions on the road to Killen Creek TH?--I guess I could call the ranger but this is easier.
  15. Ingalls Pk- South Ridge beta?

    We climbed the east ridge route on Saturday.Great route. The rock is dry with some snow of the flat sections of the traverse.