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  1. Again congrats on a great climb. As usual, a very entertaining TR to read. Cheers, Mike
  2. FWIW, I only know of one individual that had this surgery. He is back to climbing and XC skiing but does it with a completely numb left foot.
  3. Avalanche at Crystal Mt

    Thanks for the clarification on whether they were in Kempers or not. Again, I was given this information 3rd hand. Very sad story. -mike
  4. Avalanche at Crystal Mt

    Completely un-comfirmed but hearsay info comes from a pretty good source. The skiers went down Kempers to do a ski to the 410, a fun and challenging route. Apparently, Kempers has no snow/avy managment performed on it all year and there was a fairly large cornice at the top. Also reported is that Kempers has been roped off all season with plenty of warning signs. My condolences go out the the victims friends and families. -Mike
  5. foot orthotics survey

    Having gone thru stress fractures and nueromas, I have had all sorts of "orthotics" ranging from prescribed hard ones to prescribed soft ones to a set that I picked up at local running. I can't recall the brand I picked up at the running store but for me, these have been the most useful for me. I find for my feet (narrow and high arch) the support from prescribed footbeds seem to be too stiff for me. I think it would be helpful to be able to offer footbeds that are different stiffness. Kind of along the same thought that you adjust a footbed for sideways support, you could offer different stiffness's of footbeds. Mike
  6. Asthma & Altitude

    Very well said. I had thought there was some development on powdered delivery of albuterol. googling turned up... http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=1983040 I know it was was done by those whacky frenchies, but stil looks promising for a way to deliver Dry Powder Inhalers (PDI) that are not affected by pressure. Interesting study to see the difference between the MDI (Meter Delivery Inhalers (pressurized) vs. PDI ( Not sure how the powder would work with moisture and cold though... Do you know if your primary trigger worstened by altitude? Or is it just whenever it is cold? My asthma is very mild these days as long as I prevent exposure to allergents (horses, cats, dogs, etc...). I hjave noticed over the last 3-4 years that after a hard 2 hour XC skate session I seem to develop some mild asthma over the next couple hours of recovery. Does not happen during summer (warm weather) workouts. Cheers, Mike
  7. Asthma & Altitude

    Isn't there now a way to disperse the drug in a powdered form? I know that for a while I was using a powdered asthma drug that was not for immediate intervention but a drug used more as a way to helpthe lungs build up strength. Singular or something like that? -Mike
  8. [TR] Good Neighbor Peak, Wrangle-Elias / Kluane

    Any TR that starts 12 years ago is a really long TR! Great job guys! -Mike
  9. [TR] Davis Peak- NE Face Couloir 3/12/2005

    Very nice...I guess "she" made you earn this one. -Mike
  10. Cycling the N Cascade Hwy--how much exposed road?

    I was just up in Mazama last weekend. There were a couple groups of roadies out there. I did notice that all the road sand and gravel is still on the shoulder of the road so if you're on a road bike you'll be riding in the road. Not sure if that concerns you or not but thought it might be helpful to no that. I'm not sure when the road crews are going to start sweeping the shoulders but it is usually around the time that they open up the highway. -Mike
  11. Small Fries in Fall City, but the name contradicts the size for one order of fries. If one needs to fatten-up before some big trip then go there. Their shakes are good tasting too. The place is small, the service sucks and don't expect the place to look like it can pass any health inspection. But the food is worth it. The downside to this place is that it's too close to my house. -Mike
  12. Anyone here a marathon runner?

    I second the concern for over training. The fact that you are a climber as well a hiker, like myself. I tried to continue to do some afterwork power hiking without backing off on some portion of my training. I ended up with achilles problems and stress fractures in my feet. I was able to nurse my achilles along but the foot pain convinced me to see the Doc with just 3 weeks left before my first marathon. He highly suggested that I not run it and I took his advice. I would also stay off pavement as much as possible. Running is just plain hard on the body. My $.02. -Mike
  13. Polar s720 vs. Suunto X6

    Will do... BTW Polar s720i Thanks -Mike
  14. Polar s720 vs. Suunto X6

    The 30% is still holding true. I think I'll go with the Polar. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks -Mike