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  1. Indoor walls in North Bend area???

    Sammamish Club is worth one session ... better for TR than bouldering.
  2. crag/groupies

    I claim all the crags you worthless noggin.
  3. Alpine Dave

    Get's cut from "so you think you can dance". SO sad.
  4. Favorite pictures from the gallery

    I always liked this one:
  5. Four Days off just started! Wooohoo!

    Get Stuffed!
  6. Proposal for the new State Quarter

    From the Seattle Times Gallery: This one? ... or this one? WTF is that?
  7. Summer. Fuckineh.

  8. S. E. W. S. east butress direct 8/15

    Hey Rabbit, Slow down there. I didn't notice that it was the same person... I was just wanted everyone to read what Layton wrote: Funny Shit. don't get yer testes all mixed up with them rabbit ears. Hey man, I'd send that route with you if I didn't suck ass eyes. 5.11? uh, no count me out.
  9. Viesturs climbs all 14 8000s

    But how many of the six are alive and climbing?
  10. Stuart Range traverse

    Here's the Thread
  11. [TR] Stuart- Ice Cliff Glacier 3/24/2005

    Ben Says This: And then, while slagging on his partners he says:
  12. Exploding Lava Lamp

    Piv=nert Sucks.