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  1. Nice climb guys. I am glad to hear that you went back in and finished the route. It was fun hanging out at 5400' camp last week chatting on your way out. Colin... see you in AK next month.
  2. Accident in the Ruth Gorge

    My thoughts to her family and friends in their time of loss.
  3. midweek climbing in Spokompton

    pm bigbro... he needs to get out climbing more often. You might have to drag him away from his studies... but it's ok. He needs some time away from the books.
  4. 3 man denali tents

    Bibler Bombshelter!
  5. Biners, draws, and slings! SOLD!!!

    A day of climbing... priceless (0 kN)
  6. [TR] I-90 Corridor - Quad Burner 4/1/2007

    boy, all that hiking sure sounds like fun. makes me want to go climbing.
  7. [TR] - Chair Peak, NE Buttress 4/3/2007

    It was great to meet you John! The weather was too good to pass up a day off from work. Nice climb.
  8. Garden Hoses at Stone Gardens

    Don't listen to this guy... I hear he doesn't even climb. He is an accountant... that has a spray problem. I think he also posts on ratemypoop.com :-)
  9. Garden Hoses at Stone Gardens

    Don't go into Seattle. Go climb at Vertical World Redmond! Quality bouldering, many new routes for TRing and leading. Clean gym, great staff!!!
  10. Once your acclimatized....

    Nope. Not really... other than your minimal improvement in fitness from the hiking/climbing workouts. But, the acclimatization that you are hoping for (ie: increased # of red blood cells, improved oxygenation, etc...) takes longer to happen than it sounds like you will be in CO.
  11. Must Have Denali Gear

    Roll up Solar Panel... talk about trades... people with battery eating digital cameras will trade just anything to borrow a few hours of charging time.
  12. Must Have Denali Gear

    sorry todd... after looking at all the details and spending time in both bags... had to go with the Marmot Col EQ. The FF hood is very small and even when cinched, just doesn't cut it. I like to bury my eyes in my hood to block out the midnight sun in AK; Marmot has a super deep hood. The vertical midsection baffles are nice too.
  13. Climbing this Friday-Sunday

    pm sent.
  14. Granite Mountain?

    Was just up there 2 days ago. Avy danger was "relatively" low. Most of the upper layers had consolidated well during the recent rain and warm weather. I used snowshoes on the upper slopes which made the going pretty easy. Lower trail portions (in the trees) were fine without snowshoes and made for easy travel.
  15. Alpine Sun 25th - Tues 27th ???

    Yeah Scott... life is rough. I'll put up some pics if anyone can go. Usually I post these and end up going hiking cause no one can ever get out of their jobs.