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  1. I think the Forest Service made a great decision by closing those shooting areas. The people who came out there to shoot rarely cleaned up after themselves, often didn't follow basic rules of safety, and jeapordized the safety of other users on the Ironhorse trail and I-90. I have to drive all the way to the Seattle Police range now to train, but I guess I don't really mind. Leland is a hard worker when it comes trundling rocks. It's an enviable job!
  2. insurgents

    What we are seeing over there is a mix of insurgency and classic guerrilla warfare. There is also a certain amount of criminal behavior that is exasperated by the amount of heavy weapons still in the hands of the average Iraqi. As a comparison, the North Hollywood bank robbers did more damage than the average raid or sabotage attempt by an Iraqi insurgent. If you know history, there are many accounts of countries under foreign military occupation. One of the most recent and telling was the German occupation of France during the 2nd World War. Despite a heavy troop presence (Over 1,000,000 German troops in France and Belgium) and a light handed approach to occupation, a determined and effective resistance sprang up. Retribution was swift and massive where partisan raids and damage were conducted. Estimates put it at about 30,000 French executed for being members of the French resistance. Some 650,000 French were forced to work in labor camps under Teutonic eyes. This was by no means as heavy handed as the retribution on the Eastern Front (Russia) where whole towns and populations were razed to the ground. An est. 20 million Russians perished on the Eastern Front. This was 1/3 of the number that Stalin killed after the war. You see similar tactics used by the Israelis who often target the close associates and living quarters of Palestinians associated with Hamas bombings. The message is clear. Associate with members of the resistance who are killing us, and we will also target you as a result. In Iraq the tactics are nowhere near as profound, nor is the resistance as effective. There are approx. 130,000 US troops in an area the size of Morrocco, and slightly bigger than the entire land mass of Japan. The coalition purposely maintains a low presence in many areas so as to not disrupt the local populations daily lives. I have flown over huge tracts of Iraq and never once seen a US patrol or a military presence whatsoever. There are certain hotspots such as Fallujah where the military patrols aggressively, and they should. ROE's are restrictive (Rules of Engagement) and limit the amount and type of response a soldier can use for a certain type of event. The allegations of indiscriminate killings are unfounded. I see GI's everyday interacting with the locals and building relationships. If some elements want to come out and bang heads, well then, they get what's coming to them. Militarily we cannot be fu<#ed with. You would be amazed, as some of the Somalia veterans can attest to, how many people will come out to see the big gunfight and get pasted for their overt interest. Most sane people would run and hide in a deep dark hole, but not these guys. It's like going to the 4th of July show. Retribution is not a tactic the US is using. Instead it seems, we prefer to lay low and let them come to us. Some units, such as CAG (Combined Arms Group/DELTA/SEAL DEV GROUP/CIA/FBI HRT) have very specific mission parameters which allow them to actively hunt certain targets based on valid intel. I am not aware that their ROE allows them to kill if they can capture their targets live. We are just not as insidious as some of the lefties on this board like to promote. You should feel ashamed for being so judgemental of something you really know nothing about. However, I understand there is a media gap between the microscopic facts, and the details put out by jounalists who rarely venture outside of the safety of the Al Rasheed hotel. Well, I hope that clears some things up for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Tele
  3. Need a new training hike...

    The gullies on the front side of Mt Si are interesting adventures, and I second the nomination for the waterfall trail on Teneriffe.
  4. deeply offensive

    Kerry actually had a pretty questionable military record, but at least he went to Vietnam. I think I mentioned earlier in another thread that it wasn't a strike during Kerry's tenure (assuming) I would predict, but a strike following his tenure after years of appeasement, and buildup by anti American elements. I am non-partisan (right leaning) when it comes to politics. Each side has some good people in their corners. If evidence of WMD activity in Iraq *suddenly* pops up on the radar preceding the election I wouldn't be too surprised.
  5. MXC

    Most Extreme Elimation Challenge on Spike TV is some pretty funny shit. Anybody watch this show?
  6. MXC

    Loaded with sexual innuendos! Hilarious.
  7. Book recommendations

    Unholy Wars by John K Cooley Commentary on foreign policy that has led us to the present geo-political situation we are currently mired in.
  8. MXC

    They are racing tricycles on MXC AND I am surfing CC.com. I have no ability to think for myself any longer. I hate off days...
  9. Democrats in a nutshell

    A young woman was about to finish her first year of college. Like so many others her age, she considered herself to be a very liberal Democrat and was a passionate advocate for the even distribution of all wealth. She felt deeply ashamed that her father was a rather staunch Republican. One day she was challenging her father on his beliefs, and his opposition to higher taxes for the rich & more welfare programs. In the middle of her heart-felt diatribe, echoing ideas from liberal professors at her school, he interrupted to ask her how she was doing in school. She answered rather proudly that she had a 4.0 GPA, and that it was tough to maintain. She had to study all the time, never had time to go out and party like other people she knew. She didn't even have time for a boyfriend, and didn't really have many friends because she spent all her time studying. Her father listened and then asked, "And how is your friend Mary?" She replied, "Mary is another story" she continued, "she's barely making a 2.0 GPA - all she takes are easy classes, and she never studies. I'm afraid she's going to flunk out!" But to explain further she continued emotionally, "She's very popular on campus, and she's having a blast. She goes to all the parties, and very often doesn't even show up for classes because she's too hung over. We're still friends, but we're SO different!" Her father then said , "I know how you could help her..... Why don't you go to the Dean's office, and ask him to deduct one point off your 4.0 GPA, and give it to your friend who only has a 2.0." He continued, "That way, you will both have a 3.0 GPA, and certainly that would be a fair distribution of grades." The daughter, visibly shocked by her father's suggestion angrily fired back: "Are you crazy? I worked my butt off and sacrificed a lot for my good grades! Mary has done little or nothing - she played and partied all year. Why should SHE get the same grade as I do? That wouldn't be FAIR! " The father slowly smiled and said, "Welcome to the Republican Party."
  10. Better than spray!!!!

    Totally in agreement. Chapelle was in "Half Baked" too.
  11. deeply offensive

    If the events of 9/11 had occurred during Clinton's tenure you would all be hiding under your desks right now waiting for the next one. If Kerry get's into office the next one will be very bad. More than likely multiple strikes. Clarke is an opportunist and should have been fired 25 years ago.
  12. Panther to Dyna

  13. Name Dropping Poseur Photo

    Sorry. I thought this was going to be an ass shot of CB. Please go back to your guiding argument now.
  14. I carry sometimes when I am skiing alone or with my small dog in certain areas around the pass. I have twice been stalked by a cougar, and several times found evidence of them close by where I have been. Other times I have come across some pretty bizarre shit out there. There was a body in a trash barrel out on Garcia road not too long ago. It might have been a difficult case to crack if it weren't for the fact that the husband discarded his wife's body in the neighbors trash receptacle with their address stenciled on the side. Sorry for the thread drift pyscho Greg
  15. skis versus snowshoes

    That experienced guy must have been like "experienced climbers" or "extreme skiiers" on king5 news reports I see sometimes...
  16. If another storm rolls in you would find good conditions if you were say...walking up the chute as the snow is starting to fall...by the time you get to the logical ski turn around point there should be enough soft snow to make it a cruiser. Anything more than that and you are in an avvy trap and waiting for the next cycle.
  17. I've had the same experience going up that trail and crossing over to the North facing chutes several times. A few years ago I confronted two guys with rifles and educated them. They didn't like it that I snuck up on them or that I was also clearly armed, but they got the point and split.
  18. The pain of childbirth

    A husband and wife were at the hospital, awaiting the birth of their child. The doctor told them she had an experimental machine that could transfer some of the pain of childbirth from the mother to the father. The couple decided to give it a try. As the wife went into labor, the doctor set the machine at 10% explaining that the man would probably feel more pain than he had ever known. To everyone's surprise, he felt no pain at all. The doctor slowly increased the percentage. The man still felt fine, and at last he asked to have all of the pain. The amazed doctor honored his request, and the new mother concluded her delivery virtually pain free. Afterward, the couple returned home with their new baby. As they pulled in the driveway, they saw their mailman-dead on the sidewalk.

    Actually the only thing I feel enlightened about is that you are not enlightening at all.
  20. That's a good policy. Another policy is just do what you want anyway regardless of rules.
  21. [TR] Mt. Rainier- Gib Ledges 3/21/2004

    Hey man, that's pretty awesome! I ski alright and I have walked down that snowfield in frustration too. I think most people have at one time or another. Good work.
  22. The World at Peace

    War on peace and civility? That's a mighty rosy tint to your shades. What peace and civility are you smoking?
  23. Unless you are REALLY into it you can skip the lower portion of the trail and drive higher by going up Garcia Road off exit 38. The road will come across where the upper portion of the trail begins. Should have brought your planks. Don't bother bringing your GAT Homeslice, cause YO, the Forest Service closed all the shooting areas there finally. Alex that was probably a good move on your part. There have been some fatalities in the upper portion of that chute.

    I don't think anything I said was really defending Bush and I have mentioned before that I am not a big fan of Bush either. Most of what you said is true. He is the son of privelege. Quasi racist? Hey you're right, what do I know? I just spend about 90% of my time in the middle east so I guess I'm pretty ignorant as you seem compelled to point out. When was the last time you were over there? Let me see I was there about 2 weeks ago. It's getting up in the nineties again. Last summer was pretty hot even for that area. Had many many nice talks with members of Islam from about 6 or 7 Islamic countries. Dined at the KDP (Kurdish Democratic Party) guesthouse for a nice snow storm in February. Kurdistan is beautiful that time of the year. Once I get my website up and running you can come check it out. I'll post the link before I go back here in a few weeks. I'll include some avi video of a raid I participated in South of Baghdad. Hey thanks for stopping by for your one post of the month and enlightening me. Maybe you can school me some more later? Bye.
  25. Wild Things Belay Jacket

    Size Large. Primaloft insulation. Excellent Condition. Orange. $185.00.