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  1. Are these people for real ?

  2. Kerry kool with criminals just like Shrub

    Hmm I guess you missed the whole title of this thread then. It's ok we can see that you are obviously in support of loser Kerry. He'll make a shitty pres just like Shrub.
  3. Kerry kool with criminals just like Shrub

    Sounds to me like you are trying to say it's ok to be a criminal in politics if the other guy is. disapear disappear disappere disapeer disupear
  4. Losers http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5463586/
  5. Partner 4 July weekend

    Uhuh yeah... Why don't you just scram now.
  6. Partner 4 July weekend

  7. Partner 4 July weekend

    Whichever leads me to yo mammas crotch the cheapest and quickest. Should be pretty swift and cheap.
  8. Partner 4 July weekend

    Can leave Friday afternoon from east of seattle. Should return late monday night so I can get sleep b4 work tuesday. Look to climb some possible objs- Nooksack Tower Inspiration Peak Triumph NE Ridge
  9. Terror Creek Route beta

    I needed some toilet paper. Sorry about your jacket. puff puff give
  10. Terror Creek Route beta

    AllYouCanEat did you drive a green subaru with a hatchet in the back? If so.. saw your car but somehow the bushes did not allow us to cross paths.
  11. Lost crampons Goodell Creek or Terror Creek

    Hey but it's free to post here even if it is a long shot
  12. Black Diamond send pm if you find em.
  13. John Kerry...a true American coward

    Nice syntax. I read what you wrote just fine. I'm not branding you as a Bush supporter. I'm just pointing out that Bush was about as on top of things as Clinton with respect to Bin Laden. Hmm, failed to blow Bin shithead up because he was worried. Fucking pansy ass presidents like that contributed to the terrorism.. Don't forget about the multiple embassy bombings that were unheard unchallenged by the US. Also USS bobming attacks unchecked unchallenged and without response as well. Don't forget about the folly in the beginning of the presidency in Somalia. Talk about head up ass and pansy fuck. The near failures in the beginning of the first term in Europe were due to shithead pansy president Clinton's inability to manage military with sound judgement. Luckily enough the previous pres had enough troops and gear in the area before he could figure out why they were there and remove them. Thus allowing a semi successful - as some might call it outcome. It's only luck (by opinoin) that he was never hounded much about Kosovo and other areas there. He failed to bring many War criminals to justice successfully IMHO. If you think the US military is a slaughter machine under Bush then you should look what the Demmies let go by without intervention. Turn their heads and fucking ignore and then call themselves peacemakers and pacifists and whatever else. I call that cowardice. I call that excuses.
  14. John Kerry...a true American coward

    By the way this aint Mike. Also you losers keep referring to my remarks as Pro Repub or Bush. Get a friggin clue. By the way I was not talking about WMD and Iraq. You got your head so far up your bum you can't hear anything.
  15. John Kerry...a true American coward

    You definitely didn't ever win a spelling bee nor were good at reading comprehension were you?