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  1. URGENT - Infinite Bliss access meeting TODAY

    Post deleted by jon
  2. Great New Cliche!

    "He's got more pathetic excuses than a boulderer."
  3. It Oughta Be A Crime

    http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/South/05/25/fifteen.kids.ap/index.html Meanwhile...
  4. Jeff Lowe Slideshow

    Did you ask him why he let his client kill himself?
  5. See You Later, Losers.

    This place blows. I've got better things to do with my life, I've realized, than "hang around" this cess pool. For instance, I notice from the ad on the left that North Cascades Mountain Guides are offering Inrto to Alpine Rock "Couses", whatever the fuck those are. Future anthropologists will look back on cascadeclimbers.com with disgust, revolted by the depravity of the modern human condition. "Absent the normal modes of human interaction, post-modern man sought the digital caress in the form of an electronic community." "Look At Me!!" digital attention seeking, anonymous posters stroking your meat over the climbs you do. Is this why you climb? So that you can race home and post the epic of your most recent success, in all it's adjectival glory. So that you can be in The Club? Or are you still trying to get Dad's attention? Whatever. To all of you who suck, enjoy your incest. And special a "Fuck You" to all the douchebags that have managed to form an opinion about me as a person from posts on a BBS. You're a real crowd of losers. Continue in your mediocrity, hope to never have the displeasure of meeting you in person. For the rest of you, enjoy your climbing. Someone do me a huge favor: start a BBS that's pure climbing, not this bullshit. Maps, weather, topos, recent conditions, first ascents, and a route library, fuck the rest of this noise. -Necronomicon
  6. Bouldering Rage

    Losers!! It just goes to show that any kind of dipshit can boulder. I've never had this problem in the mountains, although, one time, these guys got on the route in front of us, so I filled my pack with rocks and beat him to death with it.
  7. Dr_Flash_Amazing's avatar

    Cracked: you're a stupid fucking idiot, no one cares about your opinions on anything. I went and saw The Wurst play one time, the singer came down to dance, got smashed in the mouth by yours truly, and went back on stage to sing with blood running out of his mouth and down his chin. That's Hardcore. If you really want to see someone who went to the edge, and beyond, check out GG Allin. NH native, proud to say, but one fucked up dude. Strip naked, beat himself in the face with the mircophone until he was a bloody mess, shit on stage, eat it, fling it at the audience, crowd would beat the shit out of him, cops would come, show's over in less than one song.
  8. Dr_Flash_Amazing's avatar

    I'm not better than anyone else, just you...bitch.
  9. [TR] Mt. Baker- North Ridge Attempt 4/24/2004

    If I cried every time I bailed off a climb, my face would be dissolved down to the bone by my acid tears. Not to be harsh, but you really need to chill the fuck out. It's not about what you did or didn't do, it's about the experience that you gained in the process. I'd rather fail and learn something, like "maybe I should bring a map next time", than succeed and learn nothing. I learned on the same route "Maybe I should go with a partner that's in shape next time" when he quit out after crossing the glacier. Or maybe you're happy crying into your hands? Good try though It's a fun route in a great atmosphere.
  10. Dr_Flash_Amazing's avatar

    crackhead: you're the type of douche that I would take the greatest pleasure pummelling: totally weak, totally ignorant, afraid. And your sarcasm sucks. Haven't you learned yet that sarcasm and a text based BB do not mix. Our society glorifies violence all the time. Turn on your TV and scan the band, you'll find heaps of violence, and you can be a hero if you're violent enough, but most importantly if your violence is SANCTIONED, if it has SOCIETAL APPROVAL. People like you reject, devalue, and demean the Hardcore scene because it lacks our society's Seal of Approval. For instance, it's OK to go see Pearl Jam and bump into each other, slap and tickle, in the "mosh pit" (a phrase I loathe), but it's not OK to maul a Hair at Sick of it All. The latter, as far as your concerned, for a number of reasons, is too much, it's too beyond, it's wrong. The former is safe, clean, sterile, OK. But Harcore is the way for a segment of our society. The Hair is fine with it, or he wouldn't go to the show, and the Punk plays his role by giving the Hair what he wants/needs/deserves/whatever. I'd see people like you go to shows, and you could tell that they were in over their heads. They had the look of fear, eyes wide, mouth tight, but it was because they didn't understand what it was all about. It really wasn't violence. It was about music, and self-expression, and dance, and releasing your agression, frustration, and anger towards anything in a healthy way, and in a safe environment. Sure, some people took it too far, because they thought it was about "fighting", and that's what it looked like to the untrained eye. They couldn't see that my "pummelling" had a pattern to it, and that I had fluid motion, and that my fists swung to the music. But those poeple were brought into check real quick by the scene's mechanisms of self-management. You may come to a show looking for a fight, but I'm there to DANCE, and if you harshed my buzz, if you start to "fight", you would get shut down. Keep it up, get in someones face, small man, big mouth, and take it too far, and you'd get your ass kicked for real, and get shown the door. Sadly, crackfiend, you're too stupid to get it, so my words are really for the rest of you. The first time I shaved my head, it was before a Cro-Mags show. That crowd had a rep for being full of Skins that would FSU on anyone, and I was really afraid that I would die. It was my second show, and I was just an ignorant kid. But when I got to the show, I looked around to see Hairs, Punks, and Skins sharing the scene together. Looking back, I realize that most of my fear came from inside, a product of my own ignorance. Why are you afraid?
  11. Dr_Flash_Amazing's avatar

    crackhead: WTF are you talking about??? You come off like a total shithead, which is probably the case, but why do you feel compelled to repeatedly rub this fact in our faces?
  12. More Mountain Bike Access

    At what speed would a person begin to ablate? Assume sea-level, and set the max speed to a velocity at which average skin temperature in the direction of travel is just below the pain threshold. Tha should be the new back country human velocity standard for skiers and mountain bikers, IMHO.
  13. Bolus Latency???

    Here are some scientists analyzing my last BM:
  14. Bolus Latency???

    I don't want to run the risk of accidentally digesting the corn, so I figured insoluble silicates would be a better alternative.
  15. Nice Place for Breakfast - Vancouver, BC

    You're supposed to kick her out post coitus