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  1. Looking for climbers for documentary

    Oh we don't call climbers athletes? Well then climbers as well as athletes.
  2. Looking for climbers for documentary

    So what IS the deal with Dan - and why isn't he everyone's favorite dude? Reading up on it, but as novice, can't quite grasp the controversy.
  3. Hi folks, I represent Red Line Films (see website), a television production company based in New York, and we're looking for athletes for a documentary who have inspiring stories to tell. We're interested in your climbing quests – what’s your current goal? What inspires you to reach for it? Do you have a powerful reason for working so hard towards this goal? Why is it imperative that you finish your quest? We will follow the subject as he or she trains, struggles, and excels, and then during the actual climb. In the end, we'll find out if your quest has been completed. If you have a story to tell and would be interested in being involved, please let me know. Or holler if you can point me in the right direction. We're interested in learning about people all over America. Thanks for your time, and good luck out there! Feel free to reply to this address: TheQuestDocumentary@gmail.com