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  1. gym to outdoors / top-rope to multipitch

    The thing about climbing is it is an unforgiving sport, you do one thing wrong and you can die. Like not repelling properly, which seems to be the most common problem people have. I beleive if you can survive your early days of learning to climb,esp mt. climbing, then you can be an old climber. The only thing you can do with these incidents is try and not repeat the same mistakes.
  2. Stupid Colorado skiing...

    I thought this web sight was about the Cascade mtns not an argument about CO sucking. Besides going to Vail on a ski trip doesn't make you an expert about discussing much of any thing, really. Those SUV driving crash dumbies are fools that just moved to CO because they heard it was extreme!!
  3. Grivel XMonster

    Better get a pair Swaterfall!! I hear not many will be in the country until next spring, and then only selected shops will have them.
  4. If your worried about thatlittle route don't ever go to the Alps and climb. You have to put yourself in danger all the time.
  5. TR: August ice climbing on the Matanuska glacier

    Top roping aint ice climbing, leading is, the rest is what city-slicker gapers do!
  6. Use of one twin rope for sport climbing?

    I've got some Beal double ropes and have climbed about 600 pitches of ice using these, they're lookin great. I usually climb rock with a heavier rope, but the doubles come out on the Alpine multi-pitch days, mainly for weight and abseilability. Beal works for me.
  7. [TR] prusik peak- west ridge 7/3/2005

    Nice to see you getting outdoors TLG.
  8. Climbing in the Alps...

    They spoke english they just didn't want to communicate with silly Americans. If the Midi lift was closed they had good reason.
  9. CO ski photo onslaught!!!

    Snowed down this way 7 days straight, at least up high, expected to continue this week as well. Cascades usually get more snow than CO can only dream about, thats why u have glaciers!!
  10. Ouray Ice

    TLG, will do. Did you see those pics of Imgrahm falls, WI sick!
  11. Ouray Ice

    Check out ice porn in this forum, enough said.
  12. "rain reports" from local resorts

    The winter of 76-77 I remember well, the weather was warm and sunny into Jan. Rocky Mt. ski resorts first began thinking about snow making equip. But by the end of Jan into early Feb. it began dumping snow and by the end of the season Meadows had 125 inch base. There's hope, but I'm not too optimistic.
  13. Ouray: a first, and a sad reminder

    Word on the street is that she and her friends snuck into the woods just before the repel and smoked weed, so she must have lost her focus alright, she's pretty messed up. FYI been so warm here the park is looking pretty ugly, over a week of 50+ temps. What a crazy 'winter'
  14. Backcountry policy

    Plexus, people are mortal, they die. No matter what policies you implement they will continue to die. What is with this American mentality that everyone should have a long life guarantee. It's all about the laws of statistics. Wolfs, same here, no one ever heard of a beacon back then, just wasn't as many gapers in the B/C. Now that the magazines are pushing that riding, the B/C is full accidents waiting to happen
  15. Aren't you guys a little old for the Cali Bro-Bra lingo? Livin the dream at Bachelor, is that posssible?