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  1. Alpine suit, Miscellaneous stuff.

    Thought I'd sent you A PM. Definately interested in the bindings. How should I contact?
  2. [TR] Hyalite, Pine Creek, Cooke City- 3/26/2006

    Looks awesome, dood. That stuck Landcruiser brings back some fun memories from last December. I'll have to call you to get the full details on the near-epic avalanche. Glad to see you all got after it.
  3. [TR] Chair Peak- NE Buttress 3/18/2006

    Looks snowilicious.
  4. Mt. Hood Backcountry

  5. Mt. Hood Backcountry

    Looks like avy conditions are good, eh? The other side of Heather Canyon looked sweet last week. Maybe up that ridge Northeast of Meadows and drop either side. I'll bet there's some good powder still to be had. There's always White River which we never got to do before. North side is kind of a bitch to get into (as you know) - there's got to be easier, better places to visit. Any other takers?
  6. Looks cool but where was the "steep" skiing?
  7. [TR] Mt Formidable- Northwest Face 3/12/2006

    Fuckin amazing as usual
  8. Canadian Rockies ICE TR

    Dammit, I was happy with all our snow down south but those photos got me all amped for ice. Looks schweeeeet.
  9. [TR] The Tooth- Northeast Slab 3/4/2006

    No photos of the slab but here's the the south face/pineapple pass from a couple weeks ago.
  10. [TR] The Tooth- Northeast Slab 3/4/2006

    The south face is totally climbable right now. We rapped it after NE slab a couple weeks ago and it was mostly rock with some snow on ledges. Just be comfortable climbing 5.easy in boots/crampons - rock shoes would be cold.
  11. [TR] Streaked Wall- Rodeo Queen 3/7/2006

    Hilarious. I totally agree about climbing in the dark. Looks awesome out there this time of year. Yosemite is WET.
  12. [TR] Bluewood- Weeping Wall 2/24/2006

    Sam needs to strap those poons down. Cool pics, looks fun.
  13. [TR] Hubba Hubba- 2/19/2006

    Unfortunately not very many. I also climbed NE Slab on Saturday. I think you guys were the team in front of the team in front of us. Busy day on the Tooth.
  14. [TR] Mt. Hood- Leuthold Couloir 2/19/2006

    Damn, looks like good skiing conditions.