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  1. @JasonG Thanks so much for your reply, its super informative and much appreciated. Could I get your permission quote you in the story if it comes up? If so, is there any information you would like me to include for you like your years of experience or your occupation?
  2. Hey there! My name is Alex and I am a journalist for an environmental magazine at WWU in Washington state. The issue we are covering is the difference between cairns and regular stacks of stones, as the latter not only harms the environment but essentially can have no helpful purpose. Whereas cairns are often memorials or, more commonly, guide markers for travelers alike in the outdoors. If anyone would like to offer any stories or statements about their experiences with cairns, maybe even experiences getting confused or misled by stacks of stones that were not guide markers, that would be much appreciated. With your permission to quote you, you may end up in the story. I'm on a bit of a deadline and would love a response before the weekend, but this post is already a bit of a stretch on time so don't sweat it. Thanks anyways and have a good day to all who see this!
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