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  1. It's Nice To Be Able To Say Fuck!

    That's awesome Tvash - I love old crotchety fuckers!
  2. photo contest winners for my book

    Holy crap! My Gaydar hasn't gone off like THAT in a while!
  3. photo contest winners for my book

    **Sigh** This is obviously not the coloring book I was lead to believe it would be (packs away box 'o 64 with built-in sharpener)
  4. 300-Foot Fall at Snoqualmie!

    To reiterate what others have said: Bravo! For sucking it up and taking personal responsibility. It's an attitude that compliments the demeanor of our undertakings, yet is often minimalized by those faint of heart and strong of cellphone signal. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Erik
  5. It's Nice To Be Able To Say Fuck!

    This guy, "Jersey John" who I climbed with in Tuolumne last year, swore like a sailor. On my suggestion, he named one of his routes at Dozier Dome " Tourettes". It always sounded like he was saying "Feck" - that always made me laugh.
  6. photo contest winners for my book

    Sweet! I am sharpening my crayons in anticipation! ...
  7. 300-Foot Fall at Snoqualmie!

    Sorry, Dane. It sounded just so amazing - the fall, the crawl. Didn't mean to step on any toes!
  8. 300-Foot Fall at Snoqualmie!

    Oooo! ooo! Choose me! Third hand sounds safe!
  9. It's Nice To Be Able To Say Fuck!

    My favorite responses to someone saying "Fuck You" is "You wouldn't enjoy it, I'd just lay there."
  10. Mitch Hedbergs "quoter"

    I got me one of them ant farms, them fellas didn't grow shit. RIP ::
  11. It's Nice To Be Able To Say Fuck!

    "What the fuck are you talkin' about?"
  12. It's Nice To Be Able To Say Fuck!

    I was working at a wine distributor in Issaquah, and I worked a deal with the company mechanic to do some work on a rig I was buying from the company...all very round-about dealings. I said I would buy him lunch, the guy ate 5 big macs,2 cheeseburgers, 3 fries, 2 shakes and 3 apple pies. A McDumbald's meal cost me $30, the bastard! Said he got free meals by doing the "eat the steak and it's free!" roadhouse challenges. He looked at my car for a bit, then I asked him how bad it was. "The fuckin' fucker's fuckin' fucked!"

    However, if the zombie frog Jebus rose and annointed all the slimy frog brethren. And then battled aliens for barometer-o-nature dominance! Ribbet
  14. pirates vs. ninjas?

    here's the litmus test: If you want to fabricate a trip report - which do you include? I recently had some ninja's throwing drywall slats off a 70-MPH half-a-mobile-home trying to kill me and everyone in the vehicle.
  15. For our Polish Climbers

  16. Why you otter...

    out foxed again
  17. What's Going Down

    how about a 27 minute nutshell, Prole didja make it to the the end?
  18. Anyone on the Facebook?

    Oh, Hai. Check out my totally killer climbers app! KTHXBAI
  19. Casting for Climbers Ages 45+

    heh. More like casting for ex-yuppies. Why are people fascinated by late-life discovery? Oh, yeah - the baby-boomers are getting old. P.S. I fit your age range
  20. March 2008 And This just in: On Tues Feb 3rd 2009 Shawn Snyder 38 of Mammoth was arrested for violation of parole , grand theft, possession of stolen property, possession of weed over an ounce, possession of weed for sale and possession of paraphenalia. During the search officers recovered reported stolen property from 2006 & 2009. Shawn denied any involvement in the thefts. Shawn is sitting in Mono County jail awaiting arraignment.
  21. Metolius Shawn At It Again, and Not Slacklining

    It seems it needs to be in the "violent crimes" category for the three strike to be enacted. That explains the early release. Official update: Sierrawave
  22. Metolius Shawn At It Again, and Not Slacklining

    What was really surprising is how fast he got out on his second felony, now he's facing a third. I always liked Shawn, we met in Bend. it's kind of sad he keeps making bad decisions.
  23. pirates vs. ninjas?

    Reptilian Ninja pirate Robots
  24. Mikey Layton

    Wow. Cascades hardmen get older, too. Amazing!