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  1. Used 1/2 season - good condition. Replaced with LOWAs because I have wide feet. $350 shipped or make me an offer! WOW SUCH A GREAT DEAL!!!!!
  2. Gamma MX Women's 10 Pant: $100 SHIPPED! New condition. Used lightly 1 season. No crampon rips. Beta AR Women's Large Pant: $220 SHIPPED! New Condition. Used lightly 1 season. Make me an offer!
  3. Yep the title says it all! Used one Alaska season. I got them 1 size bigger than my street shoe size and am downsizing for a more technical fit. I will ship them from Wyoming to you for no extra cost (except if you live in another country)! (360) 780-2444
  4. Used 1 Alaska Season. $380 SHIPPED! Call or PM. (360) 780-2444.
  5. Looking for someone to climb with in Hyalite this week or next for some mixed climbing and ice as well. Cheers!
  6. You got it, I want it. Make my expedition pack dreams come true and sell me this awesome pack that BD doesn't make anymore. Please email me directly at aili.farquhar@gmail.com.
  7. Looking to travel from Seattle to Canmore to climb some multipitch ice the first or second week of April. I lead to WI4 and follow harder. Can drive but can also split gas. Open to staying in the hostel or camping. Cheers!
  8. sisu

    Hwy 20

    Does anyone have a prediction as to when Hwy 20 will be opening this year? I am out of state and out of touch!
  9. I have found Moving Comfort is the best option (and cheapest) for fuller-figured climbers. Patagonia doesn't have much support. I will usually take off the bra after approaches but sleep with it on the night before an early start, because putting on a sportsbra with some degree of modesty in the dark in a sleeping bag with -10 temps can be problematic.
  10. sisu

    WTB: pitons

    they sit in your closet, gathering dust, while they long to be driven into icy cracks. your pockets remain empty of cash. i can fix both these situations.
  11. I've been limping along with my old heavy multitool. What is everyone out there taking on alpine climbs?
  12. Has anyone been up on or around Greybeard since the road opened?
  13. Your cheap BD Megamid! My hard-earned bucks! What a great trade!
  14. The title says it all. Looking for Mtn. Hardwear or Patagonia synthetics in particular. Cheers!
  15. Thanks, John. That doesn't stop anyone from going to Cody!
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