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  1. Dammit! I just moved to Colorado...

    Shoulda done the research and moved to Arizona, like I did. Over 25 first ascents in the last year and a half, mostly 5.11, and many more for the plucking - also, hundreds of new (to me) climbs within 50 miles of home on almost every kind of rock. Erik
  2. Stealing fixed draws

    Stealing fixed draws is hot. Hot.
  3. Ma na ma na

    Doo doo de-doo de-doo doo

    Chubby chasers
  5. Ma na ma na

  6. Free firewood for your Leavenworth trip

    Glad you guys found a place there! I miss the Nason Ridge property - Meh!
  7. http://www.climbing.com/news/hotflashes/speed_ascent_of_mount_kenya/
  8. Tick Warning

    Hey, now - you're dissing some of our favorite posters, Pal
  9. Bad Dad!!!!!!!!

    OOooo! I got a special file for these kind of threads - where is that file... . . . . . . Aha! Here it is . . . . . . . .
  10. Mountie boulder sesh

    The original pics are in this gallery: http://www.everettmountaineers.org/gallery/2002rock/02rock.html Matt's gonna hate me...
  11. McJizzy In The Hizzy!

    Don't Make Me Go OFF On you!
  12. This from a post on Supertopo by Dane: "Heard this late last night from an eye whitness. Couple of guys start up Pineapple Express yesterday. Rope runs out on the first 150' of Grade 3 ice and 50' of steep snow that is interlaced with decent size fir trees. Leader the yells down for his second to start simul climbing. Second is a good 100' up the first ice pitch when the leader rips both picks out of a M4 mixed pitch just left of this line. At a similar elevation and steepness from what I could see. Leader falls the distance shown here..plus all but 20/30' of the first 60m pitch. He doesn't deck only because his rope hangs up on one of the trees above as all his pro rips. After seeing his leader literally go winging past him the second has to climb up just get the slack in the rope as he lowers his injured and non mobile leader to the ground. Then he rigs a rappel on their dbl ropes (one which has been nearly cut in half with only threads connecting it) to get off. Well over a 300' screamer by my calculations. Haven't heard of the injury list yet but they refused help from the two parties on the Mtn yesterday with the leader literally crawling out of the basin and down the 1000m Phantom slide. Some lucky dudes there!"
  13. re elect me CHARLES WEBSTER BAER of bend oregon

    And there you have it, Folks: The lowest common denominator - make your judgments accordingly.

    So hot right now: http://www.gunthernet.com/spindex.htm Check out such all-time classics in the "video archives" as: Tuttifrutti Summerlove Teenyweeny String Bikini Ooo-lala!
  15. Cam Protection to Three Feet!

    but you are well placed, and that is so much more important
  16. The curmudgeony thread

    Three cheers for old, bitter and on your own! Positives: -Nobody fucks with you -you're always right -nobody fucks with your shit -you only have yourself to take care of -you only have everybody else to blame -a pleasant "the world is fucked - so fuck 'em" perspective -well-exercised frown muscles -you are unhappy and will die unhappy, so the consistency is nice. - Great if you like lots of menace in your facial expression Negatives: -you are a bitter old fuck that has become that person you used to hate -The world sucks, and that sucks the life-energy out of you -Never have to exercise those damn, few smile muscles -you only have yourself to take care of -people inevitably are fucking with your sense of what is right.
  17. Topless Table Tennis

    You won't find video footage of this through any of your normal channels... just sayin'
  18. No Apples At The Gates Home!

  19. republicans= dumb and dumber

  20. What type of climber are you?

    Missing following option (I know it's hard to include everybuddy in a poll - whaddya do?) Bowl-smokin', whiskey-drinkin in the AM, pool-of-rope-on-the-ground-while-you're-leadin', sport-epicin', bold-as-fuck, off-the-couch-sendin', clear-the-crag with-vitriolic-spewin' climber!
  21. [video:youtube]1nM6wfjuirE