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  1. Get psyched for the spring summer sending season with some new cams! For Sale: New Metolius Master Cams with tags: #00 - Grey $40 #5 - Black $40 LIghtly Used Master Cams (no falls): #00 - Grey $25 SOLD #0 - Purple $25 SOLD #1 - Blue $25 SOLD #2 - Yellow $25 SOLD #3 - Orange $25 SOLD #4 - Red $25 SOLD You pay shipping. Can pick up in Leavenworth or could meet up in Seattle area/Index next week. PM or email: solwertkin@gmail.com I'm happy to send pictures of individual cams.
  2. Keep coming back to look at your photos guys.. INSPIRING! Those shots climbing up to the summit are incredibly aesthetic.
  3. With two young kids at home I have neither the time nor the kitchen pass to attempt a retreival of this gear. Nonetheless, I will offer the services of my snowmobile to expedite the good samaritans who take on this honorable endeaver. I could bump you up or you could borrow it. Located in Leavenworth. PM if interested.
  4. Favorite Quote

    "Climbing hard--and "hard" is always relative--involves making moves that feel improbable, and continuing when the situation seems nearly hopeless." -Arno Illgner, The Rock Warriors Way "The difference between getting to the last move and doing the last move could be a month of training." -Jerry Moffatt, Revelations
  5. An ode to Frenchman Coulee

    I was out there a week ago. One other car.. Plenty of uncrowded walls if you so desire. Not the place to find solitude though. BIG UPS to the WCC for the great crapper!
  6. Swelling in palm below ring finger?

    Ice after climbing to decrease inflammation. Cross fiber massage to decrease scar tissue formation. It will eventually cause decreased ROM/contracture of your digit. It will also make the digit more susceptible to pulley injury. When it becomes a major issue I concur that the above injection and hyperextension therapy is the way to go.
  7. OCD and Rock Climbing

    email sent
  8. You could do all those goals telemarker (except maybe free the Tempest Roof). Don't cut your self short man!
  9. 1. Have Climbed: Megaladon Ridge FA, Mt Goode Thin Red Line Free, Liberty Bell Texas Hold Em to Lone Star, Black Velvet Wall Southern Pickets to Luna Pk Enchainment Dragons of Eden Free, Dragontail Runner Ups: Silk Road, Calaveras Dome - Wall of the Worlds, Calaveras Dome - Rostrum North Face - Let it Burn, CBR - East Face, Main Gunsight 2. Capable of but have not climbed (the goals): Spicy Red Beans and Rice Free, North Howser Tower The Tiger, M&M Wall Moonlight Buttress Free Regular Route Free, Half Dome Freerider, El Capitan 3. Admire but will never climb: (This category just doesn't fit into my mindset. With focused training I think most any objective in the world could be attempted, and possibly sent. Nonetheless, big time stuff I will likely never attempt.) Zodiac Wall Free, El Capitan SW Ridge Free, Cerro Torre Eternal Flame Free, Trango Tower Shining Wall of Gasherbraum Sharkfin Route, Meru P.S. Most of you guys could climb 5.12 if you dedicated yourselves to it. If you haven't, check out: Rock Climbers Training Manual
  10. I'm making the switch

    I totally agree that skiing is the ideal way to travel in the backcountry. After snowboarding for over 25 years I started skiing a couple years ago. With that being said, if i want to ski a big line in the cascades, I do not have the skills to do so on skis, so I will ride it. Before you completely throw in the towel, check out Phantom Splitboard Bindings. It's a system designed to be used with modern lightweight AT boots: TLT 5's or 6's, La Sportiva Sideral's. Unlike hardboot bindings of the past (designed for racing), the Phantom set-up is designed to have lateral and medial flex. I LOVE this set-up. My splittty is lighter then my skis, and shreds it up. Worth taking a look: http://www.phantomsnow.com/
  11. Sounds like a fun adventure all within view of your house! A reminder to us all to leave a detailed itinerary to a trusted source so as not to send in the calvary when you are merely benighted.
  12. Trip: Mt Stuart - Ulrich's Couloir - Ski/Splitboard Descent Date: 4/28/2014 Trip Report: I had a great day out riding Ulrich's Couloir in rare April pow last week with good friends Ben Peterson and Tyree Johnson. The Teanaway River Road was driveable til just before the Bean Creek TH. We sledded in on patchy snow for a mile or two then mostly continuous from there, about 7 miles on the sleds (likely much different now). Killer pow led us down into Ingalls, then easy slogging up the Cascadian to the top, with one axe and crampons sufficing just fine. 2-7 inches of wind buffed pow with only the occasional patch of wind scour led us down this epicly scenic 4400 ft ski line. Full TR on my blog: http://solclimbs.blogspot.com/2014/05/ulrichs-couloir-mt-stuart-skisplitboard.html Gear Notes: Light tool, whippet, crampons. Approach Notes: Truck, sno-machine, splitboard.
  13. Lost Windshirt on the West Face of NEWS

    Did you also drop a neutrino?
  14. Nice looking trip! PHANTOM SPLITBOARD BINDINGS!!
  15. Tumwater fire and the Enchantments

    Clear and a nice reprieve from town in the Icicle. I'd have no qualms about adventures in the Stuart range right now.