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  1. this rain blows

    Tee hee! "Be warned this forum is not for the thin skinned." This means you.
  2. this rain blows

    Dear KKK, For once, do us all a favor and quit being such a pussy. Thanks! -Superman
  3. What a douchebag...

    Jeezus Christ. Speaking of douchebags, this thread reads like a who's who of alpine vagisils. Starring: Frenchy as Mr. Reacharound Pete_H as The Gratuitous Tailgunner and in the starring role, Rob as King Dingleberry, ruler of the Chutney Ferrets. An all-star cast to be sure.
  4. The Thief of Theft at Little si speaks

    In a world chock-full of shitbirds, an eagle is born. Micah, you are a definite standup dude.
  5. best of cc.com [TR] Ptarmigan Speed Traverse - 8/14/2008

    Sweet pics, and nice hike! Giving due credit to the original Ptarmigans, however, it's important to note that they actually climbed 10 peaks on the original traverse. Not to take anything away from your speed record, but I think that's where the meat of the trip lies. Did you guys climb anything, or was this just a hike?
  6. Whoa, slow your roll brah. I think Off_White was taking your side.
  7. Josh, do you ever have anything to say that isn't completely idiotic?
  8. Your favorite CC.com cliche

    blah blah global warming blah blah
  9. Sweet! Could it have been a Fisher that got the porcupine? After all, you were in Fisher Creek. http://www.nhptv.org/natureworks/fisher.htm http://www.geocities.com/bobarnebeck/ppines.htm
  10. The Brothers

    Have you seen the forecast? Bring an umbrella would be my advice.
  11. Rawkus, brah. Fuckin totally tubular!!
  12. more people killed at mt pilchuck

    Surely you can't be.
  13. more people killed at mt pilchuck

    Are you serious?
  14. more people killed at mt pilchuck

    Yes we've established that only law-abiding and sane citizens should have guns, so I'm still trying to figure out how you've contributed to our discussion mr mace?
  15. more people killed at mt pilchuck

    Batteries for your headlamp aren't considered a separate essential last I checked.