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  1. Enjoy this one: http://www.leg.state.or.us/07reg/measures/hb2500.dir/hb2509.intro.html Should be some entertaining committee sessions if it makes it there.
  2. Pretty much says it all: http://www.leg.state.or.us/07reg/measures/hb2500.dir/hb2509.intro.html
  3. OR Legislation - climbers

    It does seem similar to current ORS law, but this specifically targets winter climbers, and apparently, guides are getting lost up there too (news to me). What I meant to say was, a "signaling device" was already defined in the ORS back in 1987, so suggesting that the definition is too vague in what is only a summary of a proposed bill would diminish the effectiveness of a letter to congress. But perhaps the current ORS is too vague to begin with.
  4. OR Legislation - climbers

    I recommend reviewing the current Oregon Revised Statutes (chapter 401) before confronting the current proposed bill (remember, this is already law under which you as climbers must comply). Otherwise, your opinion will be discounted. (1) "Electronic signaling device" includes, but is not limited to, a system consisting of an instrument which emits a radio signal, designed to be carried on the person, an instrument for locating the source of such signal, designed to be utilized by searchers and such instruments as may be employed for testing and maintaining the same. (2) The Legislative Assembly recognizes that the use of electronic signaling devices can aid in locating wilderness travelers or mountain climbers who require search and rescue, but that the use of such devices may be required in unpredictable circumstances which may not result in successful function of such devices. [1987 c.915 ยง2]
  5. OCD about tuning skis?

    If we're talking OCD, Lou Dawson is an excellent role model.
  6. Injured Climber rescued off Mt Hood Saturday

    The MLU was not used to find the subject on this rescue, though the climber was carrying one. The MLU unit only broadcasts an analog ping on VHF, nothing more than that.
  7. Injured Climber rescued off Mt Hood Saturday

    An MLU does not initiate a rescue, as this article seems to suggest.
  8. Ski-gliding the Eiger!

    those poor gotamas
  9. Coffee

    home roasting can be done very successfully with a hot air popper. And obviously if you don't do it right it's gonna be terrible. The issues with *$ isn't necessarily overroasting. Even Stumptown has some "overroasted" french roasts to appease the typical american drinker who has become accustomed to that carbon taste as being good coffee. Their volume of production pretty much guarantees they can't keep fresh roasts at all those locations like a smaller op can, and they have all resorted to pushbutton automatic machines due to rsi injuries and training issues at the locations using the la marzocco semiautomatic machines. It's a shame, but probably a wise business move on their part. At least you know exactly what you'll get when you walk into any starbucks. Which is also why they are so hated. But there are also some cool people who work at starbucks, and they are of course reliably consistent. And incredibly successful.
  10. way to go ivan, breaking a classic route. from now on I'll remember you as the one who broke se corner. I can just see the se soloers who have that route on speed dial be totally shut down at that spot now.
  11. Coffee

    pebble wrestler - confirmed
  12. Coffee

    The best coffee comes from the beans you roast yourself, ground in your own Rocky/Mazzer, etc. As for Portland, if you are looking for strictly fine grinds: Albina Press - Billy is _serious_ about espresso. That place Phuong works up in the 'couv (lava java). Weird location, world champion barista. Stumptown Annex, for a cup of any of their single origins made just for you in the Clover. One of maybe two or three in production use in the country right now. I'm pretty sure it has bluetooth.
  13. PDX insanity

    Turns out they were actually driving the three cars
  14. I think we ran into your buddy wading up wcr near the summit. We were the two with skis.
  15. PDX insanity

    yes but everything is translated into impenetrable swiss german. even the germans can't decode it. basically you would break down and cry.
  16. Stop Swimming

    No, when you are caught, you should think brazil nut.
  17. PDX insanity

    Incarceration in the chairlift mines of Dopplemayr, where the foul odor of stinking raclette wafts through the tunnels.
  18. PDX insanity

    haha I enjoyed reading your commuting tale yesterday on the shift list
  19. good tale! But I hope you're not wasting that hairbender on a french press...belongs as espresso for sure.
  20. Stop Swimming

    Bah, he just wants to make sure your recco reflectors don't fall off.
  21. Paulina Falls

    Paulina can be nice... ...but why would you want to do that when there is incredible skiing just up the road???
  22. Pink all alone.

    I seem to remember pink being pretty clean-cut last time (the only time) I ran into him out there a few years back. Ran into you at the top of fear of, which you were belaying cussing jim up lil wing/fear link-up. Thanks for the route recommendations.
  23. I seem to remember some phone # you can call before heading up bourgeau to make sure you won't get shelled. Pretty strange they would keep it up AFTER seeing you though. That's messed up.
  24. Wy'East from Meadows or Timberline?

    It is not too bad, perhaps 35-40ish near the top? There are a bunch of fumeroles up there that can cause some horrendous postholing where the snow is melted around the rocks. It is also a notorious avalanche slope, as it is lee, southeast facing, primetime angle, and big. It releases on a fairly regular basis. It's more known as a spring climb. Technically it's a slog to the rim though.
  25. Wy'East from Meadows or Timberline?

    While on the topic of corralling, please do not skin/climb directly up the Palmer/Mile at Timberline. Stay over to climber's right of the runs. Even if you are not leaving postholes on skis, you are a hazard to downhill traffic and groomers who can't see you. Timberline patrol thanks you. As for Meadows, pretty easy to ski down into Superbowl w/o being too much of a hassle. If you go in there while Heather is closed for control, well, you're an idiot and should be fined. Patrol there has to deal with some true numbskulls, so they are understandably hot on this topic. But if they deem it necessary to control Heather, maybe you should be thinking twice about what you just skied above!