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  1. SOLD Western Mountaineering Puma MF -25 deg Sleeping Bag http://www.westernmountaineering.com/index.cfm?section=products&page=Sleeping%20Bags&cat=Microfiber%20Series&ContentId=43 New, never used, still has tags on. 6ft 6in, Right Zipper. Includes storage bag and Stuff Sack. List for $855.00 Bought for Aconcagua, then blow out my knee. Includes shipping to lower 48 States. Pay Pal please. Send PM for more info.
  2. Aggressive Seattle Bicyclists

    Who really pays for our roads? https://www.dropbox.com/s/zbfmt12oode9kmo/Road_Cost_Infographic_PNG.png
  3. Middle Sister 09.11.12

    Pole Creek Area might be closed: http://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/centraloregon/alerts-notices/?aid=14194
  4. Question about the Sisters current conditions...

    Road plowing of north Hwy 46 continues but section from Elk Lk to Dutchman will NOT be open for Memorial Day Weekend.
  5. Conditions on Hood SS?

    http://www.mazamas.org/your/adventure/starts-here/C521/ Using this link, I could see a bunch of folks going up this morning. Thanks Mazamas.
  6. Leash length

    I agree - I don't want to worry about dropping anything. Maybe I'm just lucky but I've never seen anyone hurt with an ice axe during a fall. I have seen a dropped ice axe from high up, sliding fast down Mt Adams twice but was able dodge it both times. I also saw a Guide on Mt Rainier drop his ice axe down a cravasse and then had to lead his clients down without one. I've seen a guy on the DC, while on rocks, have his crampon slide across a boulder, dropped his ice axe to catch hinself. Now he's up high with no ice axe. Seems like a leash might have been a good idea?
  7. Anyone climbed the Hog's Back route lately?

    Went up to the bottom of the Hogsback on Thursday, 28 Jan. Very deep soft snow above the Palmer lift. Can you say post holes? I was beat. The Hogsback is too far West this year to make it easy to go up the Gates. lots of ice in both sides of the Gates. There was a boot track going around to the Old chute.
  8. Mt Borah conditions

    Thanks, I missed that on Summit Post
  9. Mt Borah conditions

    Anyone been to Mt Borah recently? Any conditions reports? I'm heading over there this weekend. Thanks in adavance
  10. A Book For Mt. Whitney

    I have many books about the area. I think my favorite is "Mount Whitney, Mountain Lore from the Whitney Store by Doug Thompson. It includes the best route beta I've read. Doug runs the Whitney Portal Store and knows more about the Whitney Zone than anybody and he makes a great cheeseburger. He also has the biggest pancake I've ever eaten. The local guides hang out there and you get updated info from the store. check his website: http://www.whitneyportalstore.com/ Lots of permit info and how to climb it.
  11. 03:51 PM PDT on Sunday, October 19, 2008 By ADRIANE HORNER, kgw.com Staff A man climbing near the 10,000 foot level of Mt. Hood fell and was injured on Sunday afternoon. AP photo Mount Hood is shown as the sun sets in this Jan. 29, 2007, file photo from Portland. The man was with his climbing partner when they both fell 300 feet near the Hogsback area on the south side of the mountain. The 39-year-old injured climber was reported to have a head injury and was in and out of consciousness. An off duty firefighter who was climbing nearby was able to assist the injured man while another climber called 911. Members of the Clackamas County Reach and Treat team were dispatched to assist the injured man and bring him back down the mountain for treatment.
  12. My New Sherpa?

    Big Dog
  13. Check for Oct 5th? Last I saw it had 78 remaining
  14. favorite climbing quotes

    You know, you're either thinking way too much, or not nearly enough.
  15. Glacier Peak access?

    Better check with Darrington Ranger Station. From thier web site: http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/mbs/conditions/road_conditions_report.shtml 49 Sloan Creek/North Fork Sauk 07/17/2008: CLOSED Road has slumped off at MP .8 Some blown down trees beyond road closure at .8