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  1. ThanksGivin was Fucked

    Post deleted by bigwaller
  2. ThanksGivin was Fucked

    post deleted by bigwaller
  3. ThanksGivin was Fucked

    post deleted by bigwaller
  4. ThanksGivin was Fucked

    post deleted by bigwaller
  5. Favorite pictures from the gallery

    There is some really rad pics in our gallery! Those ones totally suck balls!
  6. [TR] Index- Green Dragon 11/19/2005

    Isn't that carabiner clipped wrong??? I have had big problems messin that up! If bob says that he is full of shit, no one has freed even the 2nd pitch! Someone should tho, cause it probably would go at something like that. Figure out the bolt ladder area and the whole route would go down.
  7. Various Items

    the crampons look to be sold as of now.
  8. CC.com is like:

    like anal sex... fun but fucked up at the same time! I guess it wouldn't be fucked up if you are fag tho.
  9. Stupid Alpine Training?

    Hmm, I trained really solid for a month doin Extreme Alpinism foundation period. Like 1-2 of cardio and then hour or 2 in the gym on weights and core stuff. My cardio is weigh up from the summer, my bodyfat went down 5% or more, my pull up number had more than doubled. I need to get back into trainin and stop puffin tough. But I think my 2 weeks of rest did me good in fact. I just train when it sounds fun and don't when it doesn't. I'd rather sit around and puff than train somedays and vice versa others. Who knows what I will be able to climb in the alpine tho. I've finally woken up enough to think about real climbin again!
  10. Aid Climbing

    Index is best place to learn aid!!! You can climb only at lower wall and get good skills to do something like Zenyatta Mondatta.
  11. WTB: Offset Pro, Aliens and HB Brass Nuts

    i have small hybrid... brand new... just need to fix this gay wire that popped out of a hole... while sitting on a shelf! HAHA I need to unload it for drug money... JK...
  12. WTF

  13. I'm founding a new religion. Wanna join?

    My new religion.... Get way fucking high and drink tons of OE800. Go climbin, with no rope. OR Drop some acid and take a hike.
  14. WTF

    Yoda... this is like nuts. When did he come about??? If he has been there for a long time... i'm out of it most the time.
  15. Walking on the train tracks

    what is even dumber... jumping on a fairly fast moving train. I thought I was gonna die!
  16. Stolen/Lost...Toyota 4-runner in PDX

    and 2 kilos of coke.
  17. Excellent Late Fall Cragging at Index!

    that is pretty cool! Probably would work nicely for bigwall pushes too. Might have to try that.
  18. Excellent Late Fall Cragging at Index!

    Then why are you the one leading Thin Fingers... all the others are 5.9/10 and that is 11. You got the spanking... i'm lost!
  19. Excellent Late Fall Cragging at Index!

    I was shocked to not see chalk on the lower part of Model Worker! I hadn't climbed at Index is like 5 months... and got out sat and sun.
  20. [TR] Mt Hood- NF 11/19/2005

    holy fuck... 4am... holy fuck!!!
  21. FREE: Climbing and Rock and Ice magazines

    Dude I so showed up! Thanks for the hookup! I was way stoked!
  22. Chad Kellogg Slide Show at Feathered Friends

    Holy shit so many fuckers at this thing. Took me forever to find who I was buying a haulbag from!
  23. Anything dry at Exit 32 or 38?

    Nevermind starts to get really wet if it rains enough. Try the Actual Cave.
  24. Stolen/Lost...Toyota 4-runner in PDX

    Stolen/Lost... HAHAHAHA, I like the Lost part. Reminds me of one of my buddies who thought his crotch rocket got stolen but he ended up just forgetting where he really parked it. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Good luck, that bites man. Hope you the best.