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  1. Sasquatch, Big Foot, and Yetis

    How many of you have ever seen a lynx, and were positive it was a lynx not a bobcat? I've seen bobcat and cougar, but the lynx is a sneaky fellow. I'd love to see a lynx in the wild. I dream of hiking deep into the forest in the snow someday and searching. Here is something interesting... Lynx info Washington Lynx I don't know many people who have seen a cougar even. There are about 2,500 in washington according to fish and game. My brother was freaked out the first time I told him that we were being watched and followed. But soon it seemed all too fun to know how close they were at times. We spent lots of late fall and winter last year looking for cougars. Was cool to find a warm dead small dear once after following tracks for 8 miles in the snow. Was cool to see tracks that weren't there an hour before. Was cool to know it was right above us on the hillside at times. But I didn't see any in the many many days we spend looking. I once saw a cougar just laying there watching about 5 of us climbing. He was fully content to just watch. Couple other brief views, I swear that they know when you see them and are gone instantly if they wish. Another thing, how many black bears do you see a year? I can count 3 in the last 6 months. Never was looking for them. I think there is like 25000 in washington. Bears have big feet, make noise, and curious towards the smell of food. Also some peoples bigfoot descriptions match black bear behavior in many cases. Too many idiots in the woods that don't belong. These people have lots of fear of being in the woods. Too many people view it as a dangerous/scary place these days. Once it turns dark they are on edge. Probably the same people that will shoot a cougar if it showed itself.
  2. Lots of Rock and Ice stuff

    Thought I'd put it up here first. Would rather creek boat than climb these days. If you want any of this stuff make me an offer as I'm too busy too see what people sell stuff for. The ice gear is fairly new and was only used a few times. All the rock gear has lots of use left but has obviously seen some wear. PM me or email jzhector_at_yahoo_dot_com -bosch annihilator drill -grivel alp light ice tools -turbo express ice screws 5 of them from short to long -yates picket -BD bod harness medium -yates bigwall harness -grivel bolt on poons -grivel ice axe -set of stoppers -Bd hammer -metolius aiders 2 4 step and 2 5 step -adjustable metolius daisies -2.5 tech friend -.4 camalot older version -.5 camalot older version -knifeblades various sizes
  3. Winter Aid

    Looking for parters for Index routes and Squamish walls. Prefer you have no desire to lead the crux. Message here or email. email jzhector AT yahoo DOT com
  4. North Fork Crag

    15 years???? Sasquatch??? um???
  5. Index Logging

    That one clear cut over by the river off Mt. Index road(think) is ugly enough. Damn, this will really suck if we end up gawking at a clear cut all day.
  6. No hardware but these are pretty much new, I bolted them onto shoes once and played in my gym. Don't know where the bolting hardware went but few dollars at a hardware store and you're set. http://www.grivelnorthamerica.com/products.php?gid=5&id=42 Make a decent offer Also have a medium yates bigwall harness will sell for 75. email jzhector_at_yahoo.com or pm me.
  7. Grivel Racing Poons/Yates Bigwall

    Wow, I haven't logged in for a while but it still shows no new PMs, weird. I will try to send to you. My email works.
  8. Cunning Stunt - rebolted!

    Index is funky... which is why I'm planning on placing bolts on many existing routes so I never need doubles of any gear. For any new routes I do in desert, which forms many parrellel cracks, I will only place bolts where you need a 3rd same size piece. I plan on taking this idea all over the world so that everyone can enjoy and doesn't have to be so weighted down. Since we all place different amounts of gear, it will just be made as to be non runout in nature so you can always fall and feel safe. Everyone should be able to enjoy! I wonder who will chop and then who will follow in my footsteps and re-retrobolt.
  9. Grivel Racing Poons/Yates Bigwall

    still have this stuff
  10. WTB - big wall harness

    Have a yates medium. Not sure if that fits you or not. I wear large in metolius but yates medium fit me. One of my better cared for items as I didn't use it on more that 2 walls i think.
  11. Blair Williams contact info???

    Anyone have an email address for him? Thanks...
  12. Very hi-rez image of Stawamus Chief

    Pretty good, too bad you don't have more shots of all the chief in good light! I love these high resolution pics.
  13. Various Gear FS

    Grivel Racing Crampons new minus hardware $145 Yates Big Wall med Harness $75 Hybid black/blue alien almost new $45 Diablo shoes size 8 used but good $40
  14. Mugs Winner... Colin

    Cool dude, post some pics of that thing! Good luck... Moffit looked sick, what is this one?
  15. Mount Kent Rescue

    Injuries definetly are better than they could have been. The ER doctor thought my shoulder blade was broken but it came back good and the shoulder just has a bad sprain they said. Few ribs are fractured and the lung is just in fragil state right now. They told me I wouldn't be cleared for work for at least a month... god hopefully I feel good enough to just start going in half that time. Not putting me on the spot at all... good to talk about stuff like this. I know I've learned from others accidents. -Make sure leash is secure around wrist always! -Don't be so trusting of random frozen chunks embedded in frozen snow -Just being really careful Other stuff I just plan on doing more of. -Self arrest, i practiced the one time and got it "good" enough like most everybody. But maybe having this perfected will come in handy some day. Even if it doesn't, the peron who spends many hours will be able to stop faster than the few hour person. I am amazed how many stories I've been reading about others doing this same style of thing. And many of the people I've read about had many years on me in the mountains!!! Some of the stories made me think mastering self arrest may have helped. Or at least going out once a year and doing it just to keep it fresh in head.
  16. Mount Kent Rescue

    Another thing I want to add, the SMR people are truely wonderful, I felt that they cared more about how I felt than almost all the people at the hospital. The ride out was surprisingly smooth... in fact I have no idea how it was that smooth?!?!
  17. Mount Kent Rescue

    Well it was me... I think I came out better than I was expecting. Luckly it was more sprains than breaks, my ankle is feeling much better, the ribs/shoulder is still lots of pain. A resucue is very humbling. How it happened I can't be sure. But some is more clear now that I am more with it. I'd stop to catch breath, I'd take a look at the face. A few times I stood on well embedded and frozen chunks of ice because they created a seemingly solid place to stop and look up. I know when I fell I had stopped to look up... not sure if on a ice chunk or not. As I fell I thought about arresting but early on the ice tool got lost... I'm pretty sure it was around my wrist, I even attached my pack to it when we stopped as I was paranoid about losing something. But I think it was very loosely on my wrist(grivel light wing leash). One part of the fall got me face first then I got back on stomach and began to try and stop, was scared to dig crampons in as I was going quick enough to catch them fucking hard, so tried elbows and fingers, lip of helmet(that did nothing except push helmet up and scape face). Not slowing down, and the next part coming up was looking nasty so I just beat my right foot in the snow to try and stop. It seemingly worked but broke the poon in half. Then tyler came down, at this point I figured I could walk out or at least I was gonna try before calling for help. Then I walked/slid to flats(this is short distance and took a long time and by end was exhausted), we talked, he went for help, i sat for 6 hours then gary showed up and my feet were going pretty numb and I was worried about that now too. So gary offered me his ski pole and took my stuff. We walked about 300 feet and then tyler and rescuers showed up. I was already struggling tho I was trying not to show it as I already felt light enough. After this point they took care of me... very well I might add! I just want to say thanks to everyone involved from the rescue crews and thanks to Tyler and Gary for there help. Gary if you are out there get in touch with me... I can't remember your last name. Thanks! Hopefully this makes enough sence... wanted to respond sooner than later but it's hard for me to type on the painkillers... so may be lots of grammer errors but deal. I'll try and edit and add to it and fill in more as the day(s) go.
  18. Gag me with a spoon - more climbing gym grossness

    I think you mean currently somewhat retarded... I know some of you would gladdly join me in that activity!!!
  19. Gag me with a spoon - more climbing gym grossness

    Oh my god... when I was in the bugs there was definetly no hand washing that I remember. Many meals were made, many shits were taken. Hell I have had piss flying in my mouth on wall climbs when partners piss. Most the time I just make jokes about it... never has it bothered me. This thread has to be a troll or you are a new climber... please god don't tell me this is a serious. Do you really think her pussy is always washed before your face finds it self there? Is your dick been washed before a blowjob???
  20. Your 2007 Climbing Resolution(s)

    Be able to onsight 5.11s after drinking 10 pints.
  21. Hardest "moderate" route to onsight?

    No that counts. But I;ve seen it claimed even if they climb up to a crux and squirm about at the start. Then down climb and stand there, breath a bit, chalk and climb up and send. Total bullshit in my mind for Onsighting. That said I don't really care what you call it. As long as it's fun I'm happy. I do the stance thing all the time when I climb stuff that is harder for me.
  22. Hardest "moderate" route to onsight?

    Thin Wall Special. Pulling the mantel first try seemed hard. I failed on this move and had onsighted harder rated cracks that trip. Fuck I need to climb more and get back in shape. I'd probably fail on most those routes today. It's never an onsight if your feet leave the ground and touch it again.

    that is the attitude to have
  24. Drug and Big Walling

    Leashless aid is the future step up or go home!
  25. Rope Lifespan

    I have a super safe that I bought like maybe 5 years ago. It has gotten a bit shorter but still seems like the bomb. I was lucky to only get core shots on the end. It has been up 4 wall routes and used on lots of other climbing I've done. I will take it up my next wall as it is the longest and I am cheap. Fuck in the old days they used shitty ass ropes, so till it core shoots in the middle I'm down to party with it.