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  1. most of the jackasses on this site are fuckin posers anyway.. personally im tired of the jakasses who have to respond negitivley to everything
  2. well i really havent found any usefull info on gym jones, im interested in reading his book extreme alpinism, ( mark twight) but yeah cross fit def. has more usefull info
  3. i am a fan of crossfit, that will whip your ass into shaape fast find the right websit and start doing the workout of the day
  4. yes interesting site, but rather scattered
  5. just wondering if some folks could throw out some suggestions. im trying to get started into some more alpine climbing, ive been climbing for a while at a decently high level, but just find myself cragging because of the convience. Im trying to get a list of easy to moderate alpine climbs around the cascades to get started. Thanks
  6. ill be comercial fishing and crabbing all sumer and was just taking a chance, but it sounds like ill be leaveing the gear home..
  7. if there are any crags or gyms in petersburg or ketchican or even anchorage??
  8. wow it was fun to read this after the last 8 years..
  9. pandora leads at the pearly gates in 11worth. note rubber chicken for added sending power
  10. whatever you guys are wankers momma eggplant says it just fine to leave fixed draws hangin on my routes
  11. i went to little si, world wall is so nice nothing is wet just thought id let people know
  12. damn what im understanding is that all sport climbers are dicks? all people who started climbing after 1980 empty there trash cans at the base of climbs for fun. because some of us clip bolts it automaticly makes us disrespectful? listen to what some of you are saying. you sound like idiots.
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