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  1. I’m not sure why I didn’t start here with trying to find a partner, so I copy pasted my MP post. Let me start with my days off, which are Monday-Wednesday, and possible Sunday or Thursday depending on when my boss hires more people. I plan of taking vacations this summer to possibly Chamonix, the Sierras, Tetons, or maybe just tick off a lot of my goal climbs around here and Canada. I am a competent skier of Cascadian concrete, infamous tree skiing with or without proper snow coverage, and always being super pumped to get after big objectives. I like to do a lot of planning and logistics. I started leading WI3 this winter with several trips to Canada, and I would like, no I NEED to climb ice. No drive is too far. I have been known to get pink eye very quickly that aligns to positive weather forecasts, and have to call out of work. It's incredible. I am looking for partners of any age, gender, color who are: 1.Know what they are doing, or at least very humble and acknowledge their shortcomings and willing to learn. 2. Have an excellent attitude, as well as an entertaining array of music to listen to while driving to who knows where. 3. When you say you're climbing, you actually go and are reasonably punctual. That should about do it. Here's the Spring/Summer climb to do list not already planned: Rainier- Kautz Glacier, Ptarmigan Ridge, Curtis Ridge, N. Mowich, DC Olympus- Blue Glacier Glacier Peak Mt. Robson- Kain Face Ptarmigan Traverse Had in mind to swing Adams and Helens on the same trip, S. Ridge and Worm Flows. Mt. Hood Lethold Couloir, cooper spur, or whatever ski descent is good. Bugaboos- N E Thing 5.4-5.10 Mt. Baker-N Ridge or other. Anything Icy in the Enchantments. Would repeat N Ridge Stuart because it was awesome!!! Ski traverse of enchantments. Mt Fay Centre Ice Bulge Direct Nooksack Tower Sierras- U Notch and V Notch Couloir, Dark Star, Harding Route Keeler Needle its all good there. Tetons-Grand Traverse Also need a belay partner at Vertical World Redmond, and if anyone wants to carpool to Snoqualmie Summit the next few weeks I am up there 2-3 days a week. I will wear my Lulu Lemon if you wear yours. Be safe, Kyle