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  1. Alpine BUCKS

    Bummer, thought climbers would have a bit more insight. The deer are there and it's pretty sweet to see them up in the mountains on summer range. I think climbers should start packing binos for leisure camp time.
  2. Alpine BUCKS

    They definitely have us beat in the ungulate game!
  3. Alpine BUCKS

    Doesn't surprise me too much. Deer densities at upper elevations aren't very high and they blend in well in such a large landscape. Without binoculars and some intentional looking it would be a happenstance sort of thing. Years ago I had a few does around camp up in Leroy Basin below Seven Fingered Jack and Mt. Maude, but that's all I've stumbled upon. And a lot of sign in the Lake Chelan Sawtooth's.
  4. Alpine BUCKS

    I'm here to see where climbers have seen deer in the high country of the Cascades. As a climber first and only recently a hunter, I realized that climbers spend way more time in the high country than hunters do, allowing for more opportunities to see deer on their summer range. So, if you're willing to share any alpine areas where you've seen good deer numbers (not just bucks) I'm all ears! This info will inform my scouting trips for future high country hunts, so if you're not into hunting then maybe don't share. Just want to be transparent.
  5. Lake Chelan Sawtooth SKIING (???)

    I do, but not permanently! I'm here for the winter and La Nina isn't being nice to us. Had me dreaming of WA adventures. Just trying to see if anyone had fun stories or exciting pictures of Sawtooth skiing. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm back in WA next winter. In that case...you have a deal!!
  6. Anyone out there ever ski in the Lake Chelan Sawtooths? I've spent time out there in the summer and fall....always dreaming of ski lines. Seems like access is tricky but possible with a sled. Coverage probably varies year to year but I'd think there would be enough to ski. Since moving to CO I'm learning you don't need much. Horsethief Basin, October 2020 Don't know when a trip would actually materialize to explore the area, but it's definitely on my bucket list if anyone else is equally curious!
  7. Best Ridge walks in Washington

    This is very well organized resource that I think could be helpful: https://climberkyle.com/2020/04/23/washington-high-routes-and-traverses/?fbclid=IwAR1LigIaGVwvt3nAm27jGGmMZYV0rMlgPmiXmbsakOSl4xeW5-M32SbFiIE
  8. Great work, boys!! Just got the first hand account from Timmy boy over a beer. This inspires me to dust off my tc pros.
  9. Pink Snow

    Great TR and nice photos...lots of algae up there. Thanks for the info!
  10. Pink Snow

    Getting paid to go to the Pickets, sounds cool. It's not rare. What is uncommon, and hard to catch in the right window, is the large and very darkly colored blooms.
  11. Pink Snow

    Thanks for the info! Any chance you have pictures?
  12. Pink Snow

    Dr. Robin Kodner at WWU. Here are some links that might be useful. (https://kodnerlab.wordpress.com/citizen-science/ , https://cedar.wwu.edu/wwuet/853/ <- recent masters student thesis, https://wwu.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/index.html?appid=c8365e49603a4bc8a73eb1d7a4d070bc). We engage with the climbing community too to collect samples for us. I linked our website where you can check it out and get involved if you want to carry a kit and collect some samples!
  13. Pink Snow

    Has anyone seen dark pink/red snow while out in the mountains lately? I'm working with a professor from WWU who researches snow algae. We are on the hunt for big, brightly colored blooms. Any leads appreciated.
  14. Stehekin BC skiing

    Any beta for skiing in the Stehekin area in winter? Some friends and I are planning for a multiday trip after the new year. I was looking at the McAlster pass Rainbow Lake area, but really not to sure. Would love to hear anyones suggestions or beta for this area in the winter.
  15. Trip: North Cascades - Sahale Arm/Cascade Pass Date: 11/10/2017 Trip Report: Early start out of Bellingham led us up cascade river round right as the sun was rising. Road closed at mile 21, bare pavement to just about the TH. Coverage was a little thin, but things are filling in nicely! We were able to start skining about a half mile before Cascade Pass. The arm was completely wind scoured. Skinable up, bot skiable down (especially since all three of us were on new skis and a little over protective of our fresh bases lol) This led us to some laps almost down to the lake on some fun north facing slopes with great snow! All south aspects were not so fun. Never a bad day out in the Cascades, especially when it's bluebird