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  1. Getting Stuck Cams Unstuck

    Fence Sitter, that effing cam is still in GNS! WTF? I thought you were going to remove it? The cam that beat FenceSitter... never thought I'd live to see the day
  2. Olympus questions....

    Belay device? Munter hitch. Norm, screw solo, let's do the phone thing. I may be a lard-ass nowadays, but I might be up for a three day climb. I could go in with Flying_Ned early and wait for you at the Blue Glacier.
  3. "Free Spirit" by Reinhold Messner

    This is the best climbing book I've ever read. Unlike some other authors whose critique and egos leave a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth, this dude keeps it all in check and does a good job of it. He looks like a geek in a few of the pictures but is just a climbing animal! Lots of pictures throughout and some fascinating detail, without going too in-depth, as well he talks of his formative years. Very impressive. ISBN 0898865735
  4. Big Toenail problem, help!!!

    Toenail polish really accelerates toenail growth. Better yet, just have some milf to help out your crippled-butt. Lovely foot photos, btw.
  5. KILTS!

    Yeah, I see that Utilikilts store on 15th Ave NW or Denny, near Peir 91. I've actually seen a guy in one at Rattlesnake Ledges. But yeah, they're skirts with heavier fabric, imo.
  6. Olympus questions....

    Our pace in seemed fast, but you'll definitely need to jog a little ways or swap carrying the rope (hint, hint) to do better than last year (?6:30). Definitely wear running or trail shoes the whole way. Clip your toenails? Short aluminum axe... all the light stuff from the other thread. No, I wasn't a runner either before this. Although I had lost 15-20 pounds two months earlier, which definitely helped. Break it all down into sections and it won't seem so bad. Once y'all get back across the glacier, it can pretty much be every man for himself to the trailhead. Then I can tell JoshK it's chestbeating, plain and simple Seriously though, after reading your triple 9k quick trip, I figured you'd go for something like this. The scenery is quite good. Oh, and check out gapertimmy too. This is a quote of his from another thread on Olympus: "i like the challenge of it, but i think the fact of being able to go lighter is what attracts me. either way, i'd love to do olympus this year, or perhpas some traverses of the whole range. "
  7. Olympus questions....

    My answer to that number 5 was a pic of those silicone Hooters girls Dwayner had put on another thread. Man that was so annoying trying to get it to display. Anyhow, Norm/sketch... I got out in something like 4:17 from the Meadows so you should try to conserve some of that energy in the beginning, realizing you can get out in close to 4 on the exit. A four hour approach may be hard to recoup from Maybe JoshK or swissman would be interested too. Or just start a new thread titled "Olympus death march" Suckers here love that stuff
  8. Olympus questions....

    Flying_Ned, I'm guessing Norman is more prepared and more fit for this go at Olympus than last year. The dude just ran some 50k trail run race with the hopes of winning. He's very driven and 16 hours sounds reasonable. 1) Blight says someone did it in 14 plus change 2) Something like 24:30? That with a 3 or 3:30 shiverfest at the meadows and we went up Snowdome on the left side. Plus I think that was the first time up there for all of us so I bet he has a strategy worked out now. 3) The trail is relatively flat. I guess for this you would need to jog a bit on the approach, say nine miles. Jogging out would be for 13 or so miles. 4) Take an 8mm glacier rope, 30m. Pro Mtn Sports sells them. Norman was cool without the rope on the summit climb last year, Sketch and I wanted it. 5) goddamn computer bullshit stupid computer goddamn computer bullshit, i can't even make a stupid image appear here. We figured a couple of things to make it lighter would be that glacier rope versus the 50m, 9mm we took, and two pickets for three people (one on each end) versus one per person. Plus I bet Norman leaves the boots behind this year instead of packing them up. I'll be the designated driver if y'all need one, as you'll be wasted on the return. Notice "y'all" is the active word here. I think I'll visit the coastline while y'all take that scenic hike Norm, talk with sketch too. I can't remember when, but I think he was planning for another sufferfest.
  9. Getting Stuck Cams Unstuck

    Booty cam for the masses on Great Northern Slab-leftside, Index. Last seen yesterday. I do like those spaghetti-strap climbing shirt/bra for the women!
  10. Vancouver Parking Ticket

    My sentiments exactly.
  11. Olympus questions....

    What gives you two? TR?
  12. Vancouver Parking Ticket

    Old Lakota Indian wisdom: "You can't outrun the radio." Damn, sobo, I know it looks like I'm picking on you, but there's a quote I'm not too fond of. Whoever said you can't outrun the radio has never owned a crotch rocket. With one of them, you're doing Warp 20 before anyone else can think of responding. Or, say you're traveling on a two lane Texas road with a red bike, red helmet and red/white striped shirt, during a summer day, and Mr DPS clocks you at 95 or so. Well you can go to jail (55mph limit) or give it a twist of the wrist and fly down the road at over 130 until some of the adrenaline has subsided and you realize you're in real deep shit if you get caught. Lock the rear brake trying to stop, hide bike and yourself in bushes till nightfall and then find another way home. Long story short, but that's an old trick... hiding in the bushes. Maybe the other stipulation is you need to be young, dumb, and...
  13. Little T Registration

    While I doubt you'd be tracked down and handcuffed, I think I remember some stipulation for Rainier about "if you go over 10k or onto a glacier" they want you to register.
  14. Vancouver Parking Ticket

    Thank you for passing yet another law that protects me from myself. In the interest of 'public safety', I think we should ban all motor vehicles and go back to riding bicycles and horses (with appropriate headgear of course).
  15. Climbing Girl 33 sighting!


    Colin Powell would have my vote for president. Maybe he could ride on a party ticket and then do whatever he damn well pleased once in office. In which case, he's the best ticket.
  17. Cytomax v. gatorade

    Well Old Man, I'll agree with you some there. I think Cytomax is awesome, it really does an insanely good job rejuvenating me. The flip side is why/how? I know these food products escape FDA approval by being 'dietary supplements' and that is exactly what's typed on the side of the Cytomax jar (Dietary Supplement). I worry sometimes that there is some sort of drug/steroid contained within and that had I known about it, I would not have used the stuff. Someone told me to look up the ingredients in some "PH" book, I think it's one doctors have that can tell you exactly what each ingredient is.
  18. I think all peaks within WA can be reached within 24hrs from the trailhead. Correct me with their names, if you think I'm wrong.
  19. Any WA Peak unattainable w/in 24hrs?

    Umm... I consider this an important point. Okay Kiwi, I'll hold your hand. Why don't you tell us which peaks cannot be reached one way. Then (hold your breath) tell us which peaks cannot be reached car to car. Or... this may be tough... tell us some of each. Hope that helps.
  20. Any WA Peak unattainable w/in 24hrs?

    As far as 24 straight-in or car to car? Either, both, whatever. It might be easier to first stipulate what cannot be reached within a day by 'alpine ninjas'. I'd thought of asking this before, but forgot about it until reading Wayne's death march up Logan and JayB(?)'s death march up Glacier. I'm not listing any peaks because I think they'll all fall. But I would like to see a list of those which others think cannot be done.
  21. Logan in a Day

    Good job Wayne. You're one, sick puppy! Good luck with your 9,000 trio. Is there any peak within WA which cannot be done in 24? (Not by a specific route, just any peak.) I emphathize for that run out you did. Doesn't it make you feel like anything is possible, pulling that big of a rabbit out your ass? Again, good job man!
  22. Whack TR for Glacier Peak, Frostbite Ridge

    Good job! Hilarious and informative trip report!!
  23. Walmart.com

    No doubt. Legalizing drugs to a certain extent would relieve quite a bit of pressure on the prisons. Side track, of the 'add more prisons' or 'add more cops' themes, we should first beef up the court system to allow for speedier processes and, in the long run, less screw-the-victim-or-surviving-family through plea bargains. But back to drugs. Who's that governor in some Yuper state who said he'd prefer to legalize pot? Minnesota or something? Some bald ex-wrestler dude with a moustache. No, no, that is far too unethical an idea for our country to support. This from our great politicians and religious right(eous). Hey, when the president smoked pot in his youth, just how bad of a drug is it? Yeah, didn't inhale whatever... his subsequent lies of Lewinsky and then getting caught red-handed were hilarious. Especially when the republicans started screaming all these ethical concerns and then that dude from Hustler mag (the dude in the wheelchair) offers some exorbant amount of moola for dirt on either dem or repub senator/congress folks who have a mistress and guess who takes the next fall? Yup, some high ranking republican who screamed how unethical it was for Lewinsky/Clinton, was caught bopping his own little chiquita aside from his wife. I think that's about the time both sides realized maybe it was better to drop this issue from the hot press. But I digress as does this thread. Walmart and other stores like it will prosper as most people (except those who can afford to) don't give a rat's ass about buying a more expensive product for 'ethics'. Just look at us and climbing gear... everyone's looking for the best deal. The REI/Pro Mountain Sports thing doesn't really compute because REI makes their killing off clothing and Jim's got the whole local alpinist thing going (if this were Topeka, Kansas, probably no climbing shop would survive if REI did). If a miracle happens and alpinists start popping up faster than tennis players (and the NR of Stuart becomes via ferrata) then REI will probably think more towards the climber. Jim will be making money hand over fist in the meantime and probably open up several other shops; or sell the business and get a beer gut. Maybe the old man already has one... does he climb anymore? Well, he's found his niche to survive in the face of REI Good websites, AlpineK. Walmart is as screwed up as you said it was. I think there was mention in the news a while back of gender discrimination too... some class action suit being brought against them for discriminating against women. Hopefully the L&I or whomever takes away that self-insurance option from them.
  24. Tickets at Stuart lake trail head

    After driving back from yet another popular fee area without a ticket this weekend, it came to me. That 261.15 you were cited for, JJA, says nothing about the proper display of the parking pass. All it says is bad stuff about those who do not pay the required fee. Essentially the FS dude that wrote you that coupon is trying to incorporate his own interpretation (Failure to display park pass, whatever) into the 261.15 law. Otherwise the law would read something to the effect of: Failure to display a park pass will result in.... Forgetting to take the pass out of the glovebox is an affirmative defense as you did already pay the fine (the pass) and nowhere in 261.15 does it stipulate the display of such. It sounds like whomever posted about faxing in the park pass copy did so from experience...
  25. Trailhead Stereo Thievery Question

    A long time ago a friend who had a Jeep told me he had glued razor blades to the backside of his stereo so that if anyone reached back there to disconnect cables... I suppose it could make a bad situation worse. One where the thief goes a little bonkers trying to get revenge on the damn car for cutting him. Better yet, the owner/victim would get sued and lose everything as a result of the harm done to the thief. But the best case scenario is the thief gets hurt (you keep your shirt and stereo) and then turns to a better job without such risks.