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  1. Ropeup Oct 10-11-12

    I was misinformed, according to a PM from Beck. The grant was to a local merchants association to buy new computer and software to edit and layout a newspaper Beck edits, not the for ropeup. Thanks for clarifying the issue.
  2. Ropeup Oct 10-11-12

    This seemed to go unnoticed before, so I'll bring it up again. Didn't I hear that Beck got a $5,000 dontation for this event from the City of Seattle, from the honorable Mr. Nickels himself? Did I hear it was being spent on a computer? That seems a bit odd to me, given that this event is all about getting together outside and climbing and partying. I certainly hope the majority of the $5,000 will be donated to the Access Fund in the name of the City and the Cascade Climbers Ropeup. What's the REAL scoop, Beck?
  3. Who is the Messiah of NW climbing?

    that's why it's in 'spray', my idealistic young laddie...
  4. Full Moon Rope Up

    it just keeps getting better and better
  5. Ropeup Oct 10-11-12

  6. Ropeup Oct 10-11-12

    I like the idea of a beer garden. that way all the locals know exactly where the climbers will be. more importantly, when they're smashing your car windows and stealing your gear, they'll know exactly where you are NOT.
  7. Ropeup Oct 10-11-12

    remind me again what Beck's using the $5,000 donation he got from the city of Seattle for.
  8. Who is the Messiah of NW climbing?

    are you insinuating we're all still sinners, waiting to be shown the light? maybe he'll appear someday and turn Bosch drills into camalots with the touch of his hand.
  9. Ropeup Oct 10-11-12

    I haven't gotten one yet
  10. Anyone in 11worth this weekend?

    a mere technicality
  11. Who is the Messiah of NW climbing?

    ran across this today web page It got me wondering who the messiah of NW climbing is. Fred? Big Lou? Brian Burdo? Maybe we can make some Fred or Big Lou action figures of trad climbers in action. One for crack climbers, another for slab climbers, another for those trapped in obvious descent gullies.
  12. Ropeup Oct 10-11-12

    I wholeheartedly support every climber in the PacNW attending this event. That way all my favorite routes everywhere else will be empty and waiting for ME!!! while the masses of crowded humanity are jostling for places in line for a free beer (until it runs out at 11am) and the chance to wear someone else's smelly old climbing shoes.
  13. Ropeup Oct 10-11-12

    Lets go!! At least long enough to help some of the demo gear get lost in our packs, let our true colorful personalities show, and get raging drunk. After that the REAL party can start in the free campground up the road.
  14. Full Moon Rope Up

    Let's go! At least long enough to pocket some of the demo gear and then make a break for SCW or Prussik.
  15. Photo Caption Contest

    and this one: I don't know what this rock climbing rage is all 'bout. THIS isn't so hard!"