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  1. Do you feel the same way about the Holocaust? no, but i do feel the same way about you You want to beat me to death? This, surely, is cause enough for BANISHMENT!
  2. Do you feel the same way about the Holocaust?
  3. "Moods are for cattle and love play" Why'd Necro get banned? Did it make you hard, when you hit the button and cut him off from the rest of the world??
  4. "OH!!! Hey...Hi..heh...I was just...uh..we were just...um..I mean I was about to...What? What did I just drop? Oh...that. That's...um...a rag. Me? No. No, I don't smell any ether."
  5. Was that not a joke? Was that not clear, that the intention was to make a joke?
  6. I still don't know who banned me, and why?
  7. Even Trask is afraid for me!
  8. Formaldehead

    Last Time

    Last time I got my Necronomicon avatar banned, it was for "being a blood sucking whore". This time, no reason was given. How am I expected to change my behavior in the future, if I don't know the reason I am being punished? Was it an obvious joke/troll posted to Spray? Was it a spray like post to another forum? Who banned me? Banning someone for no stated reason is bullshit. It's completely arbitrary, and at the whim of the "moderators", who seem to tolerate any amount of bullshit, of any flavor, then suddenly ban someone for whatever reason. I'd also like to know who banned me, so that I may address them and their motivations personally.
  9. Mommy put a rubber band on his nutsack when she caught him touching himself.
  10. is this the kind of 'humor' some of you were talking about? trask is such a 'fun guy' .... OK.... I withdraw it again... j_b for presidential intern Presidential Intern=Humidore
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