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  1. Snow camping

    I have some buddies who want to get together and try some snow camping. Being as though we are all beginners, I was wondering if anyone has any recomendations on places to go, preferably in Oregon. We want to get out for a good sized snowshoe journey and possibly try and construct a snow cave. Thanks..
  2. sleeping bag

    I have a 20 degree North face bag that is great for summer. I am interested in doing some winter camping and was wondering what your recomendations were for and overbag etc..
  3. mt. adams conditions

    Just wondering if any of you have first hand knowledge. Are the roads passable to cold springs? The conditions report says there is a lot of snow still, but I just was wanting someone to validate those claims as I was hoping to make a run for the summit in the next few weeks.
  4. crampons and boots

    One other question, does anybody recommend a place to rent equipment in the Portland Mt. Hood area.
  5. crampons and boots

    I am planning on climbing mt. hood soon but had a question about crampons. I have a pair of leather waterproof hiking boots, are these suitable for use with rented crampons? Thanks for any info.
  6. climbing mt. adams

    Sorry guys one more question. Are crampons necessary the entire route or only nearing the summit? What about snowshoes???
  7. climbing mt. adams

    Thanks for all the info...
  8. climbing mt. adams

    I was thinking of climbing sometime in May and camping out overnight on the mountain. This may be a dumb question but I am an extremely novice climber, having only summitted Mt. Mcloughlin. If I was to set up camp, (at pikers peak I believe) would I leave my tent etc. at the site while I summit then return to camp after reaching the peak?? Thanks for any info, sorry if these seem to be ridiculous questions, I am a beginner.
  9. climbing mt. adams

    I am wanting to climb the south spur route of Adams and was curious as to what the best month or time of year would be to do this? Thanks for any replies
  10. mt. hood

    I am new to the area and am interested in climbing the south side of mt. hood. Is it possible to do this climb with snowshoes or are crampons necessary???