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  1. Trout Creek.

    Kev, Although I do recall Gavin pming me a few years ago telling me that he was putting up a ton of routes up there bnt that I shouldn't tell anyone about TC.....Anytway, word is def. out!
  2. beta on Izaccihuatl and El Pico De Orizaba?

    Contact these guys: http://www.servimont.com.mx/ingles/contact.html The yare the ones who own the old sopa factory and can shuttle you up to the hut.
  3. Torn ACL

    Joe, Look back in the archives for info on Portland knee doctor or something. it really depends on who your doc is and the type of surgery you elect to have. I had a Patella tendon surgery for my torn ACL (complete tear)in Dec '05, in the gym two weeks later and was training for triathlon by february and running hard by March. Completed an Olympic and 1/2 iron in June. I did not have a PT or anything. Just rode the bike a lot and tried to stretch it alot. I still do not have full range of motion though and it gets sore easily. Supposedly this does not happen if you elect hamstring, but recovery time is a lot longer. I met a guy in the gym my 1st time after surgery who said he was on crutches for 3 months. he had the hamstring. it also may depend on the doctor. I used the Portland Knee Clinic - Dr. Rubinstein. He is awesome, will push you and does a lot of work on skiers and other outdoor adventurers. I got his name from two othert pewople who had ACL surgery by him, both skiers and climbers and were psyched at how short the recovery was. Good luck and PM me with any more questions.
  4. There seemed like a lot of ice in the Gorge yesterday when UI went through with temps rising. Gate was open on Crown Jewel but water running down the middle and no cars inside the gate at 8am. Stuff over on the Washington side looked ioon but hard to tell. Couldn't see how conditions changed coming back as it was dark. Checked out my secret spot on private land but was not in. Temps were really warming up as the roads were terrible going out but almost spotless coming back.
  5. Tax Rebate

    What year are they taking the data from? 2006 tax filing or 2007 tax filing?
  6. Yeah, temps going back upo starting today and above freezing by the weekend......Maybe we'll get another cold snap later in the season.....
  7. G3 Factory Sale - Monday January 21st

    Just picked up a pair of Expedition 110mm for $64 + shipping. They are out of the Alpinist. Thanks Hugh for the head's up.
  8. A Lady's Gotta Pee

    I have witnessed several women use the freshette on extended climbing trips like Denali. There is a female on this board from Seattle that used it the entire time on Denali. However, you have to be careful as some guys may find it funny to push you while in "mid-stream." Afterall, if you are going to pee like a guy, you are going to be treated like a guy. I also witnessed a girl in a bar at Snowshoe Ski Resort in WV who could pee standing up while doing some adjusting and making the pee shoot straight out. She won drinks all night at the bar that evening b/c none of us guys thought she could do it. We were wrong......
  9. preguntas about aconcagua

    No guides are required. The Polish Glaicer was really dry and bullet proof when I was there in March '99. We went late sn the season after climbing for two months in Ecaudor, Peru and Bolivia. The permit is cheaper in March than in Jan/Feb. but your weather window is smaller. We did not summit. Turned around on the False Polish at Berlin at 18,000' after spending almost a week waiting for a weather window. Never came. Chad Kellogg was up there guiding a client from Mountain Madness at the same time. After everyone left, Chad and the client stayed in the hut for another 10 days or so to wait out the weather and they finally got the summit. It was almost the end of March when they came down. You will have less opportunity to make the summit in March due normally to weather, but it can still be done. Some of the best weather we experienced our entire trip in South Amer end of March/early April '99ica was two weeks of solid sunshine in Los Glacieres National Park. Not a single climber in any of the camps and bluebird days all day long over Fitzroy and Torre. Incredible. just check it out, be safe, and go down if the weather looks bad.
  10. Buying AT skis?

    jport, I have the exact same skis and I am 5'8" 155 lbs and love them. I was skiing 181s for alpine and going down a step was an easy mnve. Those skis are awesome and float really well. No problem on steep terrain with kick turns and cut through the pow no problem out in the Wallowas last season. An all around awesome ski....
  11. Moving to Oregon

    A guy I went to U of O with lives over there. He is in AK fishing most of the ime but he is also a huge ice climber who heads up to Alberta for the winters. Aren't there som sport routes on coastal cliffs north of Newport?
  12. Do Aetheists celebrate Christmas?

    With the topic of Christianity in the mountains, many of the cc.comers have come out and stated that they are aetheists. With the Christmas season upon us, what do the aetheists on this board do on Christmas morning? I would have to assume that if you do not believe in Jesus, then why would you celebrate a day chosen to celebrate his birth? I would also assume that if you celebrate Christmas, then you are a hypocrite? Two recent court cases brought by aetheists to try and get the Christmas holiday revoked using separation of church and state as an argument and that govt. should not support a religious holiday of one religion without providing equal holidays for other religions. Both courts determined that Christmas is a religious holiday and not a secular holiday. So how do aetheists and even agnostics (since you don't associate with any religion) spend December 25th?
  13. Do Aetheists celebrate Christmas?

    Tvash, that has got to be one of the best posts I've ever read on this board, even if it was sarcastic. Believe me, I don't feel that non-believers are damned. I have faith and it happens to be with a Christian God. Like you said in a previous post, how can someone say that a person who is a saint all their lives but is a non-believer will go to hell but a believer who has repented but also was a serial killer go to heaven. I don't buy it. I singled out aetheists mainly because they do not believe in any god whereas Hindus, Jews, and muslims belive in a god. I guess the use of the word hypocrite was a little strong, but just curious. Even I celebrated the secular Christmas for years until my faith took over, but then again I am still liberal minded, majored in Geology and Forestry and work in the environmental field. Still nothing like a stiff bourbon at the stroke of midnight on Christmas or dirnking mamosas all Christmas morning.
  14. [TR] Ice Bender - 12/13/2007

    Awesome John! Hope you brought the cold back with ya!
  15. Do Aetheists celebrate Christmas?

    Porter, good point. Christmas does seem to be a lot about consumerism and consumption. As a christian and liberal-minded I try not to celebrate the gift giving by supporting major companies that cause so much harm around the world. However, many non-believers also seem to be liberal minded, so why would they want to support a holiday from a secular stand that focuses on spending money, supporting large corporations, increasing profits for the wealthy, and overall supporting a republican/conservative agenda? If all aetheists do is use the time to be with family and friends, then that is cool, but supporting what they speak out against vehemently seems a little contradictory to how aethiests on this board post and hopefully live their daily lives. I try to minimize gifts and celebrate the birth because I do not believe in consumerism and feel that is does further the conservative agenda. I just find it interesting for those that know it as a religious holiday, but treat it as a secular holiday but still support a conservative agenda by participating.
  16. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    I agree with Builder. JH, you lumping everyone who believes in a christian god as purely extreme fundamentalism is the same as me calling you a climber and lumping everyone in there with you including sport climbers, because, after all, there really is not difference between a sport climber, trad climber, boulderer, mountaineer, ice climber, alpine climber, etc... That is your logic. Ever heard of Imago Dei in portland? Probably one of the most liberal and environmentally conscious groups religious or not in Portland that is activey doing things to save the environment, reduce waste, and help the poor. They are building a LEED cewrtified church, they discuss caring for creation and conduct Mission trips around the world focusing on raising money to bring fresh water to areas around the world without it. If you think theree is a hidden agenda to convert these people around world to Christians by placing water as "candy" in front of them, then you must be one of those conspiracy theory whackos who is always looking over their shoulder thinking that a black hawk helicopter will come and swoop down and take everything you have. You are cynincal. Act your age. I would expect someone who has been around like you to at least have a little wiser perspective on things. No, I am not fundamentalist and do not associate myself with one denomination but do believe in God. This group sounds harmless. I know of one instance while on Denali where I prayed in silence due to a serious situation and would have not felt so alone if others wer there in support. I would suggest they leave the guitar at home, but then again, this is the West Butt. It is a circus all the way up most of the time and I heard stereos being played up there, so nsthis may be an exception. JH, if all you can do is criticize, just go back to working on cleaning that pile of choss out in the Gorge that no one cares about or uses besides you.......at least then no one has to listen to you. How much have you done for the poor, the less-fortunate, those without water, those without a pot to cook a meal, those without heat or beds? Oh that's right, you spend all of your money on new hardware for a crag that no one uses, in a place that no one cares about. That must be really fulfilling.......

    He the one selling the La Sportiva Nepal Extremes for a really good price? That sucks! I pmed him about those and he replied saying they were a hot commodity and they were already sold..... I think if he was really trying to rip people off he likely would have told me that they were not sold and to go ahead and send a check......bummer.
  18. here is what I have for sale: Black Diamond X-15 adze and hammer: $100/obo - comes with BD leashes, picks, and has curved shafts. Great for first timers gettin. into water ice or great for steep alpine climbs. These were my first tools and I have climbed up to WI5 with them. Scarpa T2 boots: $70/obo Fit size 9-10 mens. Got these new in 2000. great condition and rarely used in the last five years. BD Riva tele bindings mounted on K2 two 870 skis: $45 - skis aren't worth anything but the bindings are nice Rivas. They have climbing system built in and boot clips for skiing at the resorts. Will sell the skis and boots (sized up with the bindings) for $90 together. great for rock skis, approaches or learning to tele. The bindings are worth $45 alone. Forty Below K2 Superlight overboots - Red: $80 Size Med/Large - fits my Arctis Expe size 10 boots. Used once on Denali for three days above 14k. Had a slight crampon fray that was repaired by Forty Below. Bits both strap on and newmatic crampons. I used my Grivel G-14s on them with no problem. New these are $130. A requirement for those going to Denali or Himal. BD mountaineering axe - 50 cm $30. straight shaft - purple mountaineering axe with leash. great for steeper glacial travel. People around 5' tall or kids. Denali Sled - $40 This is a custom sled I made for my Denali trip. It also survived another Denali trip oe year later by a friend. It is fully rigged with aluminum stays so your sled will not slide onyou like the ones they give you on the kahiltna. My sled was also the only one that did not break while skiing down out of my entire team of five. It has two carabiners, straps and bungee cords and is set up with a prussik off the back. The best part about this sled is that is comes with a yosemite Sam "back Off" mud flap attached to the back but also helps the sled track very well. Hard to part with it due to sentimental reasons but everyone will know who you are when on the mountain! Don't pay $300 for a regular sled and don't deal with the cheap sleds they give you at Kahiltna. They slide all over Let me know if you are interested by sending me an e-mail at rylandmoore at hotmail dot com. I will edit the post as the gear sells. I will leave this up here until x-mais and then it goes to Ebay and Clist. I have pics of everything. Thanks. Ryland
  19. Denali Expedition 2008 - Looking for 10-12 member

    I still think $1825 is really expensive! I climbed Denali three years ago, and unless the peak fee and flight in has quadrupled since then, then I come up with less than $1,000 including everything you have on there. I outfitted my entire climb, also unguided including airfare and all of my climbing gear that I needed (like overboots and feathered friends jacket) for less than that. This includes food and fuel for 28 days with a team of 5. Are you purchasing all brand new group gear like ropes, stoves, megamid, etc. that s causing the cost to go up?
  20. Hwy 35 Closed

    I am sure those roads are closed. You cannot get to Meadows or t-line if 35 is closed at Cooper Spur. You would have to take 26. Interesting for all the Hood River employees up at meadows!
  21. La Paz, Bolivia

    Agreed. Stay in La Paz. El Alto has a ton of crime.
  22. La Paz, Bolivia

    I stayed in two hostels in La Paz and loved it right in the center of town. If you are lokieng for high end, Iycannot help you.
  23. Banff Mountain Film Festival

    I think the Radical Reels version of the tour is much better for the adrenaline seekers out there. Banff hlas definitely switched to providing most of those films off the main circuit and into the Radical Reels circuit. Check out this years Radical Reels trailer
  24. Are They Gonna Fluoridate It?

    This is the wave of the future. My firm, WestWater Research, just completed an auction of this effluent water for the town of Prescott Valley, AZ. See article: http://www.pr-inside.com/auction-creates-competition-for-water-r279427.htm They are out of water but also did not have the money to upgrade the municipal infrastructure to treat effluent water to Class A drinkable water. So, they hired us to create an auction for the water. The winning bidder is out of New York. They can sell it back to developers, private investors, a PUD, etc. Everyone wins and you do not need any more water. The problems for water are only going to get worse. I have large muncipal clients on the west side of the Cascades who are almost out of water. There are cities on the west side of the Cascades who are requiring developers that in exchange for development permits they must bring the city the equivelent amount of water for that development. Water problems are not just in the desert southwest and California. They are in your own back yards. Water is now being treated as a commodity. The next 20-30 years should be interesting.......
  25. is ice climbing on road cuts illegal?

    I think it also depends on how far back the road cut is. If say, the road cut is within the egress of the road and hence under state ownership, I would say have at it. however, if it is further back from the road where uthe state land ends, then you may be on private property. i would treat each instance on a case by case basis. Do your research and have fun!