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  1. I'm looking for beta on route conditions on Izaccihuatl and El Pico De Orizaba. We are planning on the La Arista Del Sol route on Izaccihuatl and the Jamapa Glacier route on Orizaba. plan on summiting between February 7th to the 12th. I'd appreciate any current feedback on the routes. thanks
  2. My orthopedic surgeon recently swapped my 52 year old hip for a chrome-moly and titanium replacement. I would appreciate hearing about any physical therapy clinics in Tacoma or Seattle where the staff are supportive of persons wanting to get back outdoors. ps I want to thank the persons that gave me feedback on their experience with orthopedic surgeons back in May.
  3. Hi Looking for feedback on orthopedic surgeons. My local (Tacoma) orthopedic surgeon says that I need a hip replacement, if I want to do more then walk on the flatland for short distances.... I am looking to get a second opinion. If anyone knows of a Tacoma/Seattle area orthopedic surgeon that has been helpful in returning folks to skiing, hiking, climbing, etc, I would appreciate their name. Thanks Pete
  4. I am planning on doing Denali. There are a lot of 4 season tents out there, but I am sure they are not all equal. Would appreciate any beta on tents that work better then most when faced with higher levels of wind and snowfall. I was thinking about the North Face VE-25, but am keeping an open mind. Would appreciate any suggestions.
  5. Found a black stuff sack on Saturday the 21st of Sept. Email me with description of contents and your snail mail address, I will get it back to you. petestaple@attbi.com [ 09-30-2002, 04:58 PM: Message edited by: Pete Staples ]
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