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  1. Dru rockfall pics

    Bummed as I also thought it would be trundling pix
  2. Good that you survived that Bro. That is some crazy shit with the ledge cratering.
  3. LEAVENWORTH Avalanche Fatality

    Very Sad. Condolences to family and friends.
  4. Steph- Here's to a speedy recovery!

    I hope you have a speedy recovery Steph. At least it happened where you would be rescued quickly and receive awesome medical care you likely would not have received in BC. Did you have out of province medical insurance?
  5. Nice day out guys. Might want to invest in a helmet for the gf's cranium especially if she is learning to lead.
  6. Rack Stolen in Eugene, Oregon

    I'd check that policy of yours. In fact I would talk with your insurance agent. When I lived in WA state I had comprehensive car insurance and it DID NOT cover the contents of the vehicle. The only thing it covered inside the vehicle was my in-dash stereo. I had a gore-tex jacket and some CD's ripped off and they were not covered by comprehensive. The next week I bought renter's insurance.
  7. Iceland Anyone?

    Hmmm..very tempting. Saw the flight for 475 direct from SeaTac. Is there much daylight this that time of the year?
  8. Watts Talks

    Hi Alan, Just picked up a copy of your new Smith Guide on my return from Red Rocks. Thanks for doing a great job on the new guide book. Good luck with everything, Doug
  9. Flying out of 'Ham on the 10th to get out of this friggin' rainy weather. Looking for a partner to do some multi-pitch trad routes. I lead up to the low 10's. Anyone up for some sun?
  10. Missing climber in the Buck-Clark-Luahna area

    I am feeling really sad reading this.....My thoughts go out to TJ's family and friends.
  11. Nerve Damage?

    I'd go to the emergency ward and get it checked out NOW. 8 hours is a long time to have no feeling....nothing to lose by getting it checked out sooner than later..
  12. South Twin Sister

    Thanks. So there is still some vestige of a trail left to follow?
  13. South Twin Sister

    I have heard the approach trail to South Twin Sister is totally overgrown. Has anyone been up to the South Twin recently? Any info about the trail? Did North Twin Sister a few weeks ago and thought it was possible to drop down the West Ridge and then head over to the South Twin. That way you would be able to get above the cut block and hopefully to easier schlog free terrain.
  14. Squamish Wed-Thurs next week?

    The forecast is looking kind of bad starting Tuesday: http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/city/pages/bc-50_metric_e.html But that can change. If you are need a partner Sat to Tues I am usually free a couple of those days.
  15. Mutineers at Vantage?

    For the most part Vantage is a shitty cragging area. It is only going to become a bigger shit hole with no shitters. It is good they go there as to not clog up a real climbing crag elsewhere.