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  1. The bill that will make most of you illegal

    "that funny right there"
  2. Thierry Renault & Company - La Colonne
  3. Where were you?

    In class on a Sunday?
  4. anyone know what the current status is .. either I am stupid and blind .. I can't seem to find anything on the WDFW site
  5. Black Diamond and Gregory under new onwership

    must be closer to getting the major manufacturing bugs worked out in China
  6. Dane or Old guys

  7. Firefox vs IE vs Chrome vs ?

    I am far from a computer guru .. lately I have become a bit disappointed with the performance I am getting from Firefox .. what do you like and why?
  8. Firefox vs IE vs Chrome vs ?

    I've been using it since yesterday .. very fast .. I'm impressed
  9. Firefox vs IE vs Chrome vs ?

    when chrome first cam out I gave it a try .. I to found it a bit slow with PDF and image files, so I abandoned it. updated it yesterday after staring this thread .. seemed much faster and than I recall and significantly less of a resource hog than Firefox late yesterday sat back down at the computer to give it more of a test drive and it (chrome) repeatedly crashed .. uninstalled and downloaded the latest version from a fresh start ... crash, crash crash, can't even get it to load the home page before it crashes "Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed. Restart now?" .. WTF?
  10. if this has already been posted my apologizes Access Fund webpage Rock & Ice article
  11. Old Chouinard Stoppers & Hexes - re-sling

    Mountain Tools re-sling service it's worth the extra couple of bucks
  12. Gronell Boots

    not so old school anymore ... Gronell
  13. first ascent [TR] Assassin Spire - NW Face (IV, WI4+) FA

    nice find .. sounds like a great adventure ... got to love it!!
  14. Rab Bought Integral Designs

    I hope this works out everyone .. of the few ID products I own, they are definitely among the best designed and built. I'm always skeptical when these buyouts happen .. look at Jansport et all ....long live "The Chees"
  15. Best 'Biner for Ice Screw Racking?

    they come up on eBay once in a while .. I believe there was one posted up last week
  16. Belay jacket review part 1

    single best piece of down gear I own .. going on 15+ years of service
  17. sweet!! way to go get it ... nice pictures
  18. [TR] Mount Olympus - Blue Glacier 2/17/2010

    Great TR and photos, love this shot [img:center]http://www.jeffmanor.com/Nature/Mt-Olympus-February/WinterOlympus-088/792290032_yK5Fx-S.jpg[/img]
  19. Ski/Climbing Tour of Wrangell-St. Elias

    WOW !! .. very jealous, that's quite the trek
  20. GoLite Online Specials
  21. OR show - neat shit thread

    any update from DMM on the release on the new Dragon cams? ... two weeks ago MEC-Vancouver was telling me "March?"
  22. Anyone wanna climb tommorow

    Compared to what?