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  2. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple couloirs 03/31/2019

    Overall was there much ice on the face? It seems like it took awhile to warm up this year and then suddenly freezing levels are super high. I am curious whether there will be enough freeze thaw to actually get good ice conditions on the north face of Dragontail this year.
  3. 4 season, double wall dome that is roomy for 2 and will fit 3 persons. Four, 157" equal length replacement fiberglass poles. 2 shorter Easton aluminum vestibule supports which I have purchased and are in transit from TNF. The original owner lost the pole bag. I'm looking for the stock, main body aluminum pole set but so far nothing has come up. TNF sells the 4 poles for $192.00 but they are out of stock and for me this is not a feasible solution. TentPole Technogy sells the 4 poles in Easton Aluminum for approximately $144.00. The fiberglass poles are strong and work fine but are heavier and do not have the ultimate strength of metal for mountaineering use. The tent is in excellent, lightly used overall condition. No stains, no funky odors and the polyurethane coating on the floor and rainfly isn't sticky or peeling. Very clean throughout. There was a slit in the fabric of 1 pole sleeve and another near the entrance which I have solidly repaired. (Again for the uninitiated, the center shadow spots on the photo's is a flaw of my older point and shoot) - Nylon taffeta floor, canopy and rainfly. - Zippered main entrance with bug netting. Netting is mint. - Double snow tunnel entrances with netting for summer ventilation. - Additional guy line pullouts on the rainfly for high wind and snow load conditions. - Free standing. - Seams on the floor and rainfly were not previously sealed. A blank slate for you to do the job. No old, flaking sealer to clean up. Weights: Rainfly, 2lbs 6oz - Poles & Stakes, 3lbs 10oz - Main Body, 4lbs 1oz Comes with poles, pegs, separate pole and tent bags. Asking $175.00 plus shipping cost from 80517.
  4. Ski/alpine partners needed

    Hey! I'm always looking for more alpine partners and would love to get out climbing this summer! Andrea
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  6. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple couloirs 03/31/2019

    Did it yesterday. The approach is endless. Potholing is devastating. Solid snow in couloirs. Much less snow in between then on photos above. Oh boy, the mountain is shitting rock non stop.
  7. Great to hear you can do this from your phone easily! Did you try adding any picts?
  8. Dragontail May 10/11

    Looking for partners to climb Dragontail May 10 & 11. Interested in the West Route but open to others as well. Feel free to shoot me a text if interested. 918-991-8013. Austin
  9. Trip: Sahale Peak - Sahale Arm Trip Date: 04/20/2019 Trip Report: Me, Fred, and Max skied Sahale arm and summited yesterday, 4-20-19. The road was closed at MP18 so we had a nice 5 mile warmup to the summer trailhead. We started hiking in runners at 7am. After 4.5 miles we hit the abrupt beginning of continuous snow, it was glorious... the way spring skiing ought to be; hike dry road bet to 4' of snow. Bam. Skis on. We skinned up the gut toward the pass, booting a short section though the cliff band at 4800'. From there it was cake to 100' below the summit. We cached skis there and booted up, around the east side to the top. It was a one at a time affair up there, we each tagged it and bailed back to the skis. The exposure was real, on steep snow, and added a killer thrill. The snow was firm at the top, mashed potatoes at the bottom, but pretty good all the way to the pavement. Summited at 2:00, car at 6:00. 11 hours with a couple of long breaks. 7300', 18.4 miles. P.S. I did this on my phone in about 10 minutes... post your trips people! Its great to hear what is going on out there, and this forum is way cooler than facebook! Gear Notes: Skis, axe & crampons for the top 50' Approach Notes: Trail shoes. Lots of road.
  10. Ondra at Smith

    I'd be a shameless adoring fan if I were there. He's clearly the best rock climber and has been for years. Seems odd that he would be on real rock in the US in the middle of the World Cup season.
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  12. Ondra at Smith

    G-spotters posts makes me wonder if Ondra did "RUDE BOYS" as well.
  13. Climbing Rainier with RMI(5 day)

    Everybody likes to knock RMI here cause they are the biggest and were the only guide company allowed for years on Rainier. There are several other guiding outfits on Rainier so check them all out and pick one and you will have a great experience on the mountain. If you go with a 5-6 day trip you will get climbing education and a summit chance. The guides give you a list of personal gear you must bring. That's it. They provide the group gear. Any person with decent fitness can climb Rainier by the standard routes.
  14. As the title says. New in packaging. I bought them then decided to go with a shorter pair. $400 shipped to lower 48. I live in Mill Creek and work in Seattle, so can meet as well.
  15. Climbing Rainier with RMI(5 day)

    Well, there's a problem right there. That's about 30 lbs.
  16. Climbing Rainier with RMI(5 day)

    4 gallons? Thats what I tote for a dayhike.
  17. But that wouldn't that mean I need a FB account? For those that want to know, there was continuous snow from the Trans Canada about a week ago, probably a few bare patches now. I'll post a TR eventually....so much to ski out of Stanley Mitchell!
  18. Hello, I'm coming back to Western Washington next week and I'm planning to ski and climb until fall, with no pesky work commitments to use up the good weather windows! I need more partners for weekday adventures. I've been climbing for 8 years and backcountry skiing for 3 (I am coming back to WA after a half-season in Alta). I have taken the AIARE 1 and companion rescue courses and will be taking a WFR course at the end of the month. I'm happy to tell you more about my mountain experience (and hear about yours). Here are some example objectives I have on my list for the next few months: Fuhrer Finger on Rainier, Whitehorse, White Salmon Glacier on Shuksan, N Ridge of Baker, Watson Traverse, Logan, Daniel, Chimney Rock, Overcoat, Dome, Fernow, Snowfield, Cathedral.....I'm also hoping to spend a few weeks in Squamish later in the summer. I think I am in the middle on the risk-taking spectrum and it's important to me that our fitness levels and senses of humor work together. Let me know if you want to talk more/meet up to see if we can climb/ski together! Alisse 36O-224-778three
  19. Anyone have an extra set of the 4 main poles for the The North Face VE24 tent they would like to sell? Or, any higher quality 157" long aluminum poles that break down into sections approximately 24"- 28"max. Thank you!
  20. We are all, it seems, just seeds cast into the wind, searching for the right meadow in which to take root, grow, and bloom, before we too are folded back into the earth when our summer finally draws to a close. Life is what we make it, each day precious.
  21. Crap. I hate this part of climbing. They were all inspiring in their own ways. RIP.
  22. Roskelly, Auer, Lama missing after avalanche

    Word from John Roskelly via Tony Yeary is that they are in fact dead. :-(
  23. Fuck man what a shame. Condolences to Jess' parents and Allison.
  24. Roskelly, Auer, Lama missing after avalanche

    http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2019/apr/18/climbers-jess-roskelley-david-lama-hansjorg-auer-f/ https://gripped.com/special-feature/david-lama-and-partners-missing-in-rockies-avalanche/
  25. https://www.planetmountain.com/en/news/alpinism/david-lama-hansjorg-auer-missing-in-canada.html
  26. for sale All sorts of crampons

    All these are spoken for assuming Nate G takes the sabertooths...I'll update the post shortly.
  27. for sale All sorts of crampons

    Im late to the party but I would but the stubai!
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