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  1. Got the speed hooks fixed, so the boots are good to go.
  2. updated photos to jpeg so easier to view
  3. Selling a pair of Spantiks (44.5). Used them twice while waiting for my Nepal Evos to be resoled. If I were to keep them, I would likely go up a half size in liner. Soles are in great condition. One crampon nick on the left boot patched with shoe goo. One inner boot is missing a couple speed hooks (bought it this way unknown to me). Got the speed hooks repaired at a local boot shop. Located in Santa Barbara. Happy to ship. Looking for $225 shipped.
  4. Looking for a tarp style rescue sled that also functions as a bivy/bothy bag. I know several cottage manufacturers make them, but the price tag for a new one is a bit steep for me. Cheers!
  5. In search of XC skis with a steel edge for myself (6') and girlfriend (5' 1"). Boots and skins would be great as well. Open to 75mm/3pin or NNN BC bindings. Only interested in waxless skis. Located in Santa Barbara, CA, so I'm a ways away from most of you in the PNW. Open to paying shipping on a good set of skis with good communication. Cheers!
  6. Looking for a fly for a runout customs ultralight double that I picked up a few weeks ago. Cabana flys are too big for this ledge unfortunately. thanks!
  7. Thanks Gene! pm’d you back! that is the exact size of the bed I’m sleeping in tonight.
  8. Still looking. Got your message @genepires but can’t seem to get a message back to ya. My number is (53-zero) 57five-9675. thanks for looking everyone. Sean
  9. Looking for a portaledge with fly. Not interested in BD or Metolius- looking for something lightweight (a ledge that's properly portable). Ideally a Trapezium or Octapod. An A5 Alpine Double would be sweet. Located in California, willing to pay shipping for the right ledge. !!BOUGHT!! Thanks, Sean
  10. I'm in search of a large synthetic belay parka. Mainly looking for a DAS Parka but open to a PHD Zeta, Arc'teryx Dually or similar. I'm new here. Been on MP for a long time but thought I'd try my luck here for belay parkas. Cheers! [FOUND ONE]
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