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  1. RIP birdman

    A true climbing legend.
  2. Alpinist Magazine Buyer

    Forget about the mag. I want a puppy! What breed are those guys?
  3. Hayden Kennedy Dead

    He had quite the climbing resume for such a young guy. I enjoyed the interviews he did on the Enormocast talking about Cerro Torre. Very sad to hear this.
  4. Killer Goatz headed to the North Cascades?

    New flavor for Mountainhouse?
  5. Very nice. Now that is a climbing trip to remember
  6. How much fire haze on WA Pass?

    Was up there on wednesday. Bad.
  7. Brocken Spectre? That's fantastic.
  8. Questions about N Cascades Permits

    Hard to say. Always a crap shoot on a Friday. Boston Basin is popular for sure. Back up plan could be Eldorado, Liberty Bell Group, Cutthroat up the highway, no permit needed. Stuart is a good choice but bit of a drive from ranger station.
  9. review Fred Meyer plastic grocery bags

    That was a very interesting read. His kit is dialed in with exact detail.
  10. [TR] Mt. Fury - North Buttress 6/23/2017

    Good TR. You were really moving. Fury, Challenger, guys are getting into Pickets early this year.
  11. Steph Abegg 12/13/16

    Steph Abegg will be at Backcountry Essentials in Bellingham on Tuesday Dec. 13th. 7:30 pm for a photo show. http://www.backcountryessentials.net/events/detail/winter_speaker_series_two_highlights_of_summer_2016_bugaboos_nesakwatch_spi
  12. self arrest video

    I like the music.
  13. You guys are just too cool, sipping rainier beer. BTW, I do like the Smoot guide book.
  14. Early August Hood routes

    Just drove thru and camped in town of Sisters and middle peak looked like a good walk up with lot of snow still. North peak probably not good this late.
  15. [TR] Buckhorn Mountain - Marmot Pass 6/12/2016

    There's too many dogs and women on the trails.