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Skiing on Thursday


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This whole discussion is funny.


If you are a good skier you will eventually push your limits and fuck up.


If you wear a helmet then good for you. I don't cause I started skiing way before helmets were even considered for non downhill racers, and because I seem to be really good at taking a hit. boxing_smiley.gif


Bottom line; in a race between Allison and TLG my money is on TLG. bigdrink.gif

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Poop, now that Kurt's invited himself into the battle cage, I feel the need to bow out. He and I have agreed to refrain from taking shots at one another, and if any more is said, it could get, well, not so funny.


I'm sure TLG and I will go at it in a nearby forum soon. Until then, stock up on the Bud, and the lawn chairs...and of course...DON'T FORGET YOUR HELMET! hahaha.gif

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